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    BMW i8 Review, Price and Details

    In order to get the title of the most revolutionary sports car in 2013 was a fierce struggle. Applicants than ever before, their possibilities are endless, and the geography is vast habitat. But the best chance of winning in this virtual competition yet the BMW i8. Probably, "eight" will not be the fastest of them, but in some ways it's a real breakthrough. A huge breakthrough for BMW and a huge breakthrough for the entire automotive industry. A month ago, we've already covered this new product to pieces, so now can only admire her appearance. This is the first official presentation of the production version, in that form, the model will go on the conveyor.

    Work on such an ambitious project began in 2007. During the driving test prototypes in various stages visited by more than a thousand people, and the total wound mileage exceeded 32 million kilometers. By the number of innovations per square centimeter of the body, this model will give a hundred points to another spacecraft. To list all of them, leave plenty of time. That there is at least one interesting fact is that the i8 will be the first production car, which will be used chemically tempered glass! In June of this year, the company Corning , which has become world famous thanks to the brand Gorilla Glass, announced the availability of its products to one of the avtoproizvoditiley. Now durable glass is not only on the screen of your smart phone, but in the new BMW. The purpose of the introduction of Gorilla Glass, besides the obvious increase strength and endurance, will be the fight against excess weight and sound insulation. In the sports hybrid has used a high-tech acoustic sandwich: the engine compartment separated from the passenger module with two tempered glass with thickness of 0.7 mm, which is laid between the additional noise-reduction material. This design about half the weight of traditional.

    In general, the desire to make cars lighter in BMW has reached its climax. For decades, the Bavarians gradually increased the amount of aluminum and high-strength steels, but the body is so high they did not exist. The total mass of a sport coupe is 1490 kg, which - given the complex hybrid toppings - quite a bit. Engineers lead such a comparison: if the stiffness of a given carbon elements are obtained at 50% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminum. Its intentions to build a plant for the production of carbon fiber Germans voiced four years ago , at the announcement of cooperation with the SGL Group. Then it was hard to believe in the plans of the German manufacturer: what carbon in large automobile? Today, however, the new i-family uses already being forward-brand strategy.

    Part of the seat upholstery, floor coverings and other textiles made from recycled polyester with 40-percent addition of wool. Employees of BMW argue that so you can get high-quality eco-friendly material. Even the key from i8 filled innovations: the main part consists of a biopolymer based on castor oil. The oil of this plant is mixed with 30% glass to get a very sturdy keychain, which is also pleasant to hold.

    BMW i8 dimensions are 4689 mm (length) x 1942 mm (W) x 1293 mm (height). It turns out that at a similar altitude "eight" significantly longer and wider than the coupe Z4. On the other hand, i8 noticeably wider and lower than the two-door 4 Series. Wheelbase is also quite large - 2800 mm. Obviously, the body spent thousands of hours in the turbine room for fine-tuning the aerodynamic shape: the drag coefficient is 0.26.

    Particularly noteworthy powertrain innovations: polutoralitrovye 231-horsepower gasoline motor drives the rear axle, the electric motor power 96 kW (131 hp) is connected to the front axle. High-tech tandem rapidly pushes carboxylic carcass forward, causing it to accelerate up to the first "hundreds" of 4.4 seconds. This is just two tenths slower M6 to the monstrous 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo. But that 'em-sixth "will never succeed, because it reduced its fuel consumption to 2.5 liters per 100 kilometers: it burns so much i8 when measured driving.

    Thus, the hybrid sports coupe came out very fast and extremely economical. However, all this comes with a price. A ton of innovation implicit in this car is very cheap. The German company has already announced the price of BMW i8 in the U.S. - a minimum of 136,000 dollars, excluding shipping costs. In Germany, the new product will be more expensive, from 126,000 euros.

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