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Today everyone wants to get the latest technology TV especially the Smart TVs are ruling the TV Tech Market. From the high-quality sound to Ultra HD Display, From Screen Size to Power consumption, everything matters. There is no thumb rule for anything, but nowadays Smart TV is on the top of TV Chain. It means that you can do all the regular TV things, but also browser to the internet and stream live and even use to call your friends and family members directly from your Smart TV.

Yes, everything is possible now with the help of latest customized operating systems on TV but the question arises, how do you choose the best Smart TV in your current budget?
Ok, we will try to cover each thing in FAQs which most of you probably been thinking or facing.
Let’s start!

What is a Smart TV?
In short, Smart TV is a television, through which you can not only watch TV but also access the Internet. It is not, however, tedious typing of web addresses using a cumbersome remote control. On the smart TV, applications are installed so that you can easily see the contents of the internet on the big screen. Smart TV may already include YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and HBO.
Not only that, you can install apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, etc. (might be pre- installed) and make calls from your TV to your loved ones and friends.
Today I have even heard from a friend now you can play your games directly on the UHDTV via the controller and you do not need a console. I do not know if it is true or not but if it is true, darn good thing.

What is the difference between Smart TV and the regular television?
Well, if you are watching the TV programs or movies conventional screen with some multimedia options, you have fewer resources to enjoy. Smart TV is to facilitate the use of Internet resources on a large TV screen rather watching your favorite programs on laptop or computer only. You can enjoy your favorite Channels along with Hulu, YouTube or Netflix to your favorite applications, on the bigger screen with Ultra HD resolution in the high range of colors.

Moreover, more specifically? What are advantages and disadvantages of Smart TV?
Advantages prevail, but apart from the content above on the big screen, thanks to the Smart TV you gain access to a significant and growing list of applications for watching movies and TV series and Videos on Demand (VoD) and providing a different kind of entertainment.
Unfortunately, the Smart TV is not free from flaws and issues. Depending on the TV to control the individual modules may cause some trouble, and to enjoy good quality videos without buffering, ensure that you have good hardware and good WiFi internet speed.
You cannot install all the apps on your Smart TV, so there is limited access to which apps can run on your Android Smart TV Devices.
I bought the TLC Smart TV (as it was pretty cheap and I bought it from promotion) which I got embarrassed later on for installing the apps, plus if you start using the Smart Features, the control of smart features becomes soooo slowwww…..

I want to buy a new TV – what is the first thing to pay attention?
The most important aspect should be image quality and resolution of your Smart TV. The "Smart TV Features" are secondary, because all models are similar in most Smart TV brands. When choosing a new device, you should pay more attention to important aspects such as diagonal and resolution of the screen, the amount you want to spend on equipment and whether your TV will fit into the apartment.

What are the differences between various Smart TV, which shall I choose?
Smart TV differs from each other in details, the operating system functions. For example, Sony Android TV has Smart OS, can run Google Chromecast, Samsung TVs works after issued voice commands), remote controls (e.g., Remote controls of LG act as a mouse rather than as a traditional pilot), but all allow you to do the same. LG’s WebOS has a beautiful interface and great motion and voice-enabled remote.

Can I connect my old TV equipment with WiFi Network? How to connect TV with WiFi?
Yes, for many TVs, you can connect a cable or hook up to the Wi-Fi network. As for the second question, you can buy an inexpensive adapter, which in any TV or Smart TV will work fine. How to connect the TV to a network depends only on you. It can be a side dish or receiver like device running on OS Mini Android PC or Chromecast. The first is a miniature computer, strapped to a TV running on Android. Chromecast is while the figure similar to the stick - only plugged it into the TV's HDMI and you can share content (Movies, Games, Photos, TV Series) from your smartphone or computer/laptop.

What should always be kept in mind while buying?
It would be best to try to store the essential functions and see if they are comfortable for you. There are a lot of confusing jargons printed by the TV Manufacturer to tell you what they have, try to ignore most of it.
There is no hard rule for what should be kept in mind, and you might not remember all the things, but here are few things which are good to have a look before buying.
1. Refresh Rate: 60Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz, etc. (It is a complicated subject)
2. MotionRate, TruMotion, MotionFlow, SPS and some more are just jargons
3. HDMI port and cable are standard in the world.
4. Quality of LED does not add anything to the quality of Picture
5. Bigger screen is always better than fancy remote
6. Always look for HDR and 4K resolution also known as UHD (Ultra High Definition) because 4K resolution has 4times more pixel details than 1080p resolution TV
7. OLED TVs are better quality than LCDs or LEDs but are more expensive.
8. Curved TVs are just a different touch in my point of view, nothing more.
9. Check the number of HDMI ports, USB Ports, and SD Card slots.
10. HDR, HDR10, and Dolby Vision nearly work the same.

What latest technologies in Smart TVs are important?
The two latest technologies for the Smart TVs that are considered worth investing are HDR and 4K technologies. It is worth investigating about the HDR is a must thing, because it improves the quality if picture displayed and gives you nice clean look with sharp edges. HDR offers better contrast, better colors and it will be best for better content which is coming along the way to better technology.

What price is considered safe to buy Smart TV?
The price is seen as first always, but don’t think that buying the expensive TV gives you everything. Some manufacturers charge you higher money for Smart features even if you do not want it and want to stream through an external device or some brands give you ridiculous and funky designs to sell the brand.

Forget what the sales guy on the floor says, they are given the commission to sell a particular brand first, and they even have commissions on some bigger items they sell. Sometimes you leave the smaller fishes to get the bigger one because you never heard of them. Don’t let the smaller brands, take a look, sometimes smaller brands do not advertise much so you might never hear of them. In reality, they all work well; it is only the marketing edge. Just give them a look at least or try them at the store, maybe you get the best Smart TV features at a lower price.


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