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Naveed A Lodhi

Celebration comes to us: Katy Perry's Christmas campaign H & M

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Brand H & M presented a Christmas collection, the main star of which was the singer Katy Perry (Katy Perry). So far, the company has presented only the pictures, but in late November, we will show the video, which will be Kathy fairy.

The photographs Kathy tried on clothes from the new collection of the brand: dresses, sweaters, tuxedos and other things. The singer also starred in the video and recorded for H & M a bright and positive song Every Day is a Holiday.

In the video, which promises to present on November 23, the singer will appear in the role of a fairy, who uses magic to revive various fairy-tale characters - gingerbread man, teddy bears and others.

"I had fun during the filming of this fabulous video Jonas Akerlund, and occasional clothes, my favorite - a sweater with the inscription Elfie Selfie.From my 13 years of H & M has been a part of my style, and now I integrate the available items from H & M to your wardrobe. I can not wait, when you can add to your wardrobe with a bit of shine to this magical holiday collection, "- said Perry.

The collection will be in stores in mid-November.


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