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Naveed A Lodhi

Do you follow the Fashion rules?

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All probably seen the commercial H & M? It is a manifesto of freedom in fashion. Wear whatever you want: brown shoes after six mini forties, wearing a skirt, even if you're a man, do not remove the hat indoors. Mix and match prints of pink and red. Wraps or stripping, wear socks under sandals, follow the dress code or do not bother at all.

Dress up like a girl, dress like men, dress like a teenager. Wear red if you're red, wear yellow, if you're blonde. It looks fake, look gorgeous. Dress up like a sheik, be a princess. Be boring, follow the dress code. Be free, be old-fashioned, be modern.

In fashion there are no rules.
This all happened just before our very eyes. Yesterday rule is: do not wear black tights with a white dress! I remember this. Now - is worn.
Or it was too: leaving the house, remove one of your jewelry. Now you can - leaving are advised to wear something else.
The only thing that there is unfashionable in the world - it seems the program "Fashionable sentence".Because it is important to be yourself, and everything else does not matter. That's what happened to our world, with our consciousness over the past decade. But some people "in the tank", they did not notice anything.

And at such a "tank" comes to designer Zakazchitsa. The girl let the blonde. And tell me, what kind of interior style she likes?

There are two options: either the glamor with rhinestones or Provence.

Glamor with rhinestones still not for everyone, then we must not be afraid to be the caller. But Provence - this is what is necessary: it is possible to look, say, Marquise of the Angels. And like her mother, and that's very feminine, perfectly fit and Yorkshire. In addition, it is light, and it expands the space. And the colors that are used there - purple and green, well, very positive. Furniture in the style of Provence compact, so you can do Provence and Khrushchev. Provence - this is ideal, with whatever side you look. I believe that this is normal: let banal girls live in Provence at the New Riga. In the end, we can now all - and hats in the room and a mini after forty. But I'm bored watching and the like. I think that the output will parody of the French interior. The French style is beautiful. And every year, choosing an apartment for rent to go to the exhibition Maison & Objet, I always prefer the classics. See photos of apartments: the more there will be a plaster moldings, the better. I want to be sure to have the bronze chandeliers with crystal dim that there was a marble fireplace, though it does not work, it does not matter. And no elevator to the fifth floor of a small spiral staircase with a red carpet with a suitcase, I go up, that's fine. To herringbone parquet 45 degrees: broken, creaky, honey-colored. To market Porte de Clignancourt and gilded chairs the cover of Vogue for 1976 in the toilet in the frame. To all the stamps of French style was - that's the perfect apartment for me in Paris. But to simulate this in Moscow ...

The world is very large. In our mind fit and at the same time news feed, and read the morning line of Brodsky and impressions of the film, and a funny joke. The modern interior is better to make a modern - let there be a quote from the French style, there will be something Asian, something new, something old, something homemade and something real. I like the French style, but I believe that the French style in France.

I find quotations from the French style appropriate to the contemporary Russian interior. I and most of cherry velvet armchair at home in the bedroom, very nice and cute. I love these things. I am against the banality and irrelevance, and I am opposed to contrived styling in the interior, and even against the imitation of Provence in particular.


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