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Naveed A Lodhi

10 Techniques to get on Top of Search Engines

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Doing a search on major search engines is just a piece of game. Getting in the SERPs is some what a little tough in some cases but can be done with following simple steps. The real quest arises when you want to get organic traffic from the Search results. Organic traffic means you want your website or blog is shown in Top results of Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. which does seem difficult. We will share some of the best techniques following which can bring your website in top SERPs.

10 Techniques to get on Top of Search Engines

Do not buy a new domain only if needed. Try to get a website which is already indexed in Search Engines. But that has Pros and Cons in itself, but here we are only discussing the techniques to get in top results. If you already own a good domain. You can purchase a new domain and then link to the old domain. If possible, we recommend that you use the same domain and site as the best ever. If in case you need to create a new domain, you should not expect to have the best traffic in the search-engines. It may take a week or a month or even more.

2. Optimize your website for the audience you try to reach. There are different tools to check the trends of what people are looking in Search Engines. You need to get the keywords first in which people are interested in, that what users enter into the search box. If the keywords are the same or close to the content on your website, those users are potential customers multiply. You need to optimize your site to meet the requirement or need of visitor. Your website must be live and regular related content must be posted so that users visiting other websites or forums online community get to know about users interactions. The title and description of the website must be according to content of the website.

3. Now the question arises how to do research for keywords or Group of words that you think that customers would use to search. You may not always be 100% accurate in getting exact requirements. We recommend that you use the help as of KeywordDiscovery, Wordtracker or Google's Keyword Tool and create a list of keywords for your website. By choosing different keywords to each page of your website. Do not use too broad keywords such as "travel" or "vacation" because it does not match the content on your site.

4. Navigation by keywords Your research may cover or not cover the format of categorized products / services and interesting articles of your website or business. For Example If your website is about selling toys, there are several ways to categorize and format your website so that customers can find the toys they want. If customers want to find toys for child development. (look for keywords in category "children kindergarten classroom"), or some people might choose products based on brand. So your search keyword is required for customers to find toys they need another task for you. You might have to check to be sure that your navigation system supports a variety of search and also do make sure you have created links to pages and pages of each brand - old new including various types of toys and so on.

5. Program your website to suit the application to make easy for Search Engine Bots and Crawlers to crawl your website. Crawler-friendly search tools can not fill out a form or read the Javascript links, Javascript Menus and Flash based content or menus. Crawlers can't read JavaScript links and menus or can not display Flash, but it does not mean that you can not use them on your site. However, you need to add accessibility options to help search engines what you are showing. Navigation of your website can be made by drop-down for categories or brand. HTML in the navigation of every page must be present, which Links to the top of the website. And on each page. You need to have it in order to ensure the navigation for users to move in your website easily so HTML for each page of products / services is present. (HTML, text link, the link does not have to be alone that could be a picture that is in the form of tags because it helps in the search engines can find these links as well.

6. Marking requirements for your internal text links and clickable images. Proper alt tag should be present for SE to know what Image is about. Alternate Image Tags, aka alt by making clear or if it can annotate the better of visitors to your website and help to look at the number of links that can be clicked on your website, which helps explain the details before you click. Avoid making the audience wonder if you click on the button "Click Here" is about. If you search in Google the term "Click Here" the first result that is shown is for Adobe Flash Player. So it will be very bad if you don't explain where Click Here will take you. By the need to clarify or explain the text in the image link.

7. Written copy of the main page of the website using keywords selected for your customers. And make sure that it can be displayed in search-engines, which is very important in making a website successful. Search-engines need to read keyword Rich-Copy in your page before you classify your site that copied this should not be a graphics or hidden in Flash and to be close to. The number of keywords used on the page must be put with care. You must never try to use Keyword Stuffing which confuse the Crawlers. Try to determine the appropriate and inappropriate use of keywords to make it clear for users and Search Engines as well.

8. Gather keywords on each page. Specially in Title Tag, Length of the title tag must not be more than 70 characters including spaces, which is very important to help search engines and user's readability from SERPs. For every keyword copy which will be placed in the Title Tag is a remembrance in mind that any text is entered in Title tags are displayed in the form of links that can be clicked in the view of the search-engines. By making sure that these links are appropriate to the content in each page. The client will then use keywords to find the product / service they want.

9. ensure that your website is. "Link-Worthy" to the other sites link to your site is critical to your success in the search by using search-engines. The search tool will look at the most popular topic on the site. Therefore, it is necessary to make your website better by a good and useful content. More links will follow later, which increases the backlinks to your websites, which ultimately increase the PR (Google Page Rank) and trust of search engines on your website

10. Do not use the same keywords on the web, or worry about too much of. If you follow these 9 points above. You will see a rapid increase in the number of viewers. Do not worry too much about ranking. But, look at the number of hits you get increased sales and popularity. (You can also add the Google Analytics tracker which is free to evaluate the factors that impact on the website)


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