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Naveed A Lodhi

Spam Free Internet by Cloudflare system

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This article is original and dedicated to vbseo community. It can help to better any forum users (even big board admins) to be faster and more secure at zero cost!. Even even if you are using WordPress, any other CMS or even custom PHP/HTML/ASP platform, you can use CloudFlare.

I generally like to test and use new things. While i was curiously looking for development for my Youth of Pakistan forum. I noticed this bright new ideas website.

The main threads of internet are "automated bots for commercial purposes" like spam bots, email spidering bots and some bad intentioned bots like shells and shell bots that continuously look for potential holes in the server systems. This is not personal problem but a global problem growing each days. Every server system actually attacked silently by bad intention sources. I was hopeless to imagine a real solution for it. It was huge and email spam looks never ending.

Cloudflare can really change things. I start seeing it very clearly these days. After 2 months experience with it. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

How it protects? As a user we simply change our DNS's to Cloudflare ones. The global CDN servers and traffic controlled by Cloudflare will handle the rest. The visitor comes to yoursite com now counted by Cloudflare own security system and all behavior you do on this environment is tracked. For example you comment one cloudflare user and then another one and you commented 1000s other place. Cloudflare security system notice this and the next time the commenter reaching any site under cloudflare system blocked. It's same for email spider bots. When you move your site to Cloudflare it's system reads all emails on your website and make them unreadable for bots.

By using same logic they blocks DDOs botnets, xss attackers, sql injectioners etc. The solution is very simple and efficient and i believe it can help a spam free environment.

The other advantage of it when you stay away bad traffic from your forum or site you get less resources used and become more faster.

Cloudflare can also cache your js, css files and serve documents over 5 distributed data-centers right now. It helps to fasten your site opening speed at another level.

You can get more data at www.cloudflare.com official site. All you need to be member and add sites. It's easy and free.



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