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Faizan Akhtar


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IN this age in Pakistan,Where Pakistan has facing a lot of problems impervious to say that Pakistani business is making gradually progress.The CPEC{China and Pakistan Economic Corridor}has made essential implements to strengthen the condition of business in Pakistan.The CPEC programme is affiliated with most of the big firms working in Pakistan and China.These firms also prove helpful in giving jobs to illiterate and poor people of Pakistan,which is the good Omen for Pakistan and China friendship.I f Pakistan is remain with china till end then there is chances of Pakistan to be considered among develop countries..
In this era where Pakistan market is rising there is some political and inner issues are taking root which can cause bad effect on CPEC.There is a need of an hour to resolve these conflicts first then take steps to increase Pakistani economic globally.On Nobember 2,Imran khan{Chairman of tahreeke Insaf}is heading toward the Islamabad{Capital of Pakistan}to hold a protest.This protest is against the corruption issues in Pakistan.No doubt,protest is the moral right of a political party but protest can be held with peace and patience.Former when Imran khan hold a protest at D.Chowk in Islamabad.Pakistan had to face the million of rupees fall down.Which cause major effects on the Pakistan economy.I just suggest to Imran khan plz held a protest peacefully and in legal way.....



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