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    Model Question Paper of Chemistry Class-X (Matric) for 2013-15

    In continuation of this office Notification No.0-1/FBISE/RESH1CC/SSC/605 dated 27 March 2012, revised Curriculum 2006 and model question paper in the subject of Chemistry for Class-X is forwarded for its implementation w.e.f. the academic session 2013-15. Accordingly the students of Class-X to be admitted in April 2013 shall be examined in accordance with revised curriculum and model question paper, in the SSC Pan-II Annual Examination 2014 and onwards.
    2. The textbook "An interactive approach to Chemistry 10" printed by National Book Foundation, Islamabad may be consulted for reference and supplementary material.
    3. A copy of the same has been hoisted on the FB1SE website Welcome to the official Website of FBISE.

    Director Research
    Ph: 051-9250604

    All heads of institutions affiliated with FBISE at SSC level Copy to:
    1. Director General, Federal Directorate of Education, 0-9/4, Islamabad
    2. Director Education, FUEL (C&G), Sir Syed Road, The Mall, Rawalpindi Cantt
    3. Director Education (Schools/Colleges), PAF Rear Air HQs, Peshawar Cantt
    4. Director Education, Directorate of Naval Educational Services, Naval HQ, Islamabad
    5. Director, Army Public Schools and Colleges System Secretariat, GHQ, Rawalpindi
    6. General Manager (Education), Fauji Foundation Head Office, Welfare Division, Chaklala, Rawalpindi
    7. Director Education, OPF Head Office, F-5, Islamabad
    8. The Secretary, National Book Foundation, 0-8/4, Islamabad
    9. All GS0-1
    10. Incharge, Website FBISE, Islamabad
    11. Incharge, FBISE Sub-Office, Gilgit
    12. All Sectional Heads of FBISE, Islamabad

    CHEMISTRY For Class-X
    1. Chemical Equilibrium Introduction
    9.1 Reversible Reaction and Dynamic Equilibrium
    9.2 Law of Mass Action and Derivation of the Expression for the Equilibrium Constant
    9.3 Equilibrium Constant and Its Units
    9.4 Importance of Equilibrium Constant

    2. Acids, Bases, and Salts Introduction
    10.1 Concepts of Acids and Bases
    10.1.1 Arrhenius Concept of Acids and Bases
    10.1.2 Bronsted Concept of Acids, and Bases
    10.1.3 Lewis Concept of Acids and Bases
    10.2 pH Scale
    10.3 Salts
    10.3.1 Preparation
    10.3.2 Types of
    10.33 Uses of some Salts

    3. Organic Chemistry Introduction
    11.1 Organic Compounds
    11.2 Sources of Organic Compounds
    11.2.1 Coal
    11.2.2 Petroleum
    11.2.3 Natural Gas
    11.2.4 Plants
    11.2.5 Synthesis in the Lab
    11.3 Uses of Organic Compounds
    11.4 Alkanes and Alkyl Radicals
    11.5 Functional Groups
    11.5.1 Functional Groups Containing Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen
    11.5.2 Functional Groups Containing Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen
    11.5.3 Functional Groups Containing Carbon, Hydrogen and Halogens
    11.5.4 Double and Triple Bond

    4. Hydrocarbons Introduction
    12.1 Alkanes
    12.1.1 Preparation Hydrogenation of Alkenes and Alkynes Reduction of Alkyl Halides
    12.1.2 Important Reactions Halogenation Combustion
    12.2 Alkenes
    12.2.1 Preparation Dehydration of Alcohols Dehydrohalogenation of Alkyl Halides
    12.2.2 Important Reactions Addition of Halogens Addition of Hydrogen Halides Oxidation with KMn04
    12.3 Alkynes
    12.3.1 Preparation Dehalogenation of Adjacent Dihalides Dehalogenation of Tetrahalides
    12.3.2 Important Reactions Addition of Halogens Oxidation with KMn04

    5. Biochemistry
    13.1 Carbohydrates
    13.1.1 Monosaccharides
    13.1.2 Oligosaccharides
    13.1.3 Polysaccharides
    13.1.4 Sources and Uses
    13.2 Proteins
    13.2.1 Amino Acids as Building Blocks of Proteins
    13.2.2 Sources and Uses
    13.3 Lipids
    13.3.1 Fatty Acids
    13.3.2 Sources and Uses
    13.4 Vitamins
    13.4.1 Types of Vitamins
    13.4.2 Importance of Vitamins

    6. Environmental Chemistry I: The Atmosphere Introduction
    14.1 Composition of Atmosphere
    14.2 Layers of Atmosphere
    14.2.1 Troposphere
    14.2.2 Stratosphere
    14.3 Pollutants
    14.3.1 Major Air Pollutants
    14.3.2 Sources of Air Pollutants
    14.4 Acid Rain and Its Effects
    14.5 Ozone Depletion and Its Effects

    7. Environmental Chemistry Water Introduction
    15.1 Water
    15.1.1 Properties of Water
    15.1.2 Water as Solvent
    15.2 Soft and Hard Water
    15.2.1 Types of Hardness of Water
    15.2.2 Methods of Removing Hardness
    15.2.3 Disadvantages of Water Hardness
    15.3 Water Pollution
    15.3.1 Industrial Wastes
    15.3.2 Household Wastes
    15.3.3 Agricultural Waste
    15.4 Water Borne Diseases

    8. Chemical Industries Introduction
    16.1 Basic Metallurgical Operations with Reference to Copper
    16.1.1 Concentration
    16.1.2 Extraction
    16.1.3 Electro-Refining
    16.2 Manufacture of Sodium Carbonate by Solvay's Process
    16.2.1 Raw Materials
    16.2.2 Basic Reactions
    16.2.3 Flow Sheet Diagram
    16.3 Manufacture of Urea
    16.3.1 Raw Materials
    16.3.2 Reaction
    16.3.3 Flow Sheet Diagram
    16.4 Petroleum Industry
    16.4.1 Petroleum
    16.4.2 Origin of Petroleum
    16.4,3 Mining of Petroleum
    16.4.4 Important Fractions of Petroleum

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