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    The language barrier between God and mankind

    It is very important for mankind to become aware of the fact that there is a language problem between God and human beings. It is because God knows everything he needs to know about his plan and purpose for creating his universe and mankind but a human is born as a baby not knowing anything at all. The question that faces God and human beings is, how can God make humanity understand what he wants of them and how can mankind try to make sense of what God says to ensure they have understood the message of God properly before they act upon it faithfully so that plan and purpose of God could become fulfilled? People evolved their human language gradually over a very long period of time and the human babies still take years to learn their human language through their direct interaction with things and with each other in this environment called the world or the universe. The main point in this respect to realise is that God could not tell humanity anything at all in human language till people had invented and developed a human language. Even after having inventing and developed human language people could still not understand message of God till people developed a mechanism whereby they could make sense of what God intended to convey. It is because people can only know what they communicate to each other because they interact with each other but human beings do not interact with God at all as they do with each other so they could not understand message of God unless they developed a mechanism for understanding the message of God in their language. In other words God even if he uses a human language to communicate his message to them still will be conveying his own thoughts not human thoughts, so he will be using same words but not the very same meanings of words as people mean for each other when they talk to each other. Moreover people cannot know words they have not invented yet nor the meanings of words which they have not realised yet because they have not yet arrived at that stage of learning and knowing things. So God when he reveals his message become limited by what people at the time know. This makes very difficult for mankind to see point of view of God about things ie they cannot put themselves in shoes of God. This is why unless there is found a way around this difficulty the language barrier between God and humanity cannot be broken down. This is where my work on the Quran can be found very helpful by mankind because it begins from this point. It shows limits of philosophers and scientists as well as of people who claim to know deen of Islam regardless they claim to be Muslims or nonMuslims.

    The problem of communication between God and human beings could be understood through realising the situation of a highly educated father with his newly born child. How can such a father convey his message to his newly born child? Father has to understand how his baby understands things and try to convey his thoughts to baby using baby language because baby does not know any other language. For conveying a highly complex and sophisticated message in baby language father has to wait till baby develops and grows to the stage where at he could make sense of message of his father in some way. This is why God had to give people time to develop and grow in knowledge before they could be sent his message. This is why human beings were given brains and senses as well as bodies and things to interact with in this universe in order to learn things just like we human beings give our children toys to play with and learn from their interaction with toys. The other main question people must ask themselves is why God created people as babies instead of fully knowledgeable grown up people? It is because God is a living being so as a living being he had the urge to express himself and to express himself he could only use his power of creativity so he ended up creating his creation and sending his revelation for human beings because he wanted someone with ability to appreciate his creativity out of choice and that is why he gave mankind ability to learn things by themselves so that interference from God remained to a bear necessity otherwise human beings could not appreciate God freely as too much intervention by God could undermine his plan and purpose for creating mankind. This is why message of God is the way it is. It is not a huge book containing detail of everything because human beings could not carry around a huge book or read it due to their very limited life span. This is why God had to do his best for sending people his message and people had to do their best to make sense of whatever they are given by God as his message. So it is a compromise between the best God could do and the best mankind could do. The idea that God can do anything because he has the power to do so therefore he has done this and that and the other is a nonsense. It is because no matter who does anything one is limited by one’s own plan and purpose. If one does not follow through one’s plan in order to fulfil one’s purpose than all falls apart and one fails in one’s objectivity. This is why even though God is powerful he cannot do things which ruin his plan and purpose. This is why a lot of things people say about God or attribute to God are nothing more than their self invented nonsense because it does not take into account plan and purpose fo9 God in context of real world realities. This nonsense is called make beliefs or different versions of religion and secularism. All this will be explained in detail as we go along and things will start making sense to those who wish to learn.

    The next thing one has to ask oneself is, how can human beings overcome the language barrier between God and human beings? Before God could communicate his message to people they had to have a language in which God could communicate to them his thoughts. Since a human language is just words and meanings the question is, where did the words and their meanings come from? To understand the answer of this question one has to observe creation and see what God has brought about in this world. Long before he created people he created other things. He started with nonliving things and from that he brought forth or evolved living things and from the living things he brought about or evolved human beings. God created things and things were given certain properties by God for his plan and purpose. This is why we can see nonliving things are fully programmed but living things are partly programmed though some more than the others. The least programmed creatures are human beings who needed guidance of God to give them basis for their future development and progress. This is why people are created to self program themselves by way of explorations and discoveries with a little bit of guidance from God that gives them the basis or foundation to develop and grow from where they are ie from their natural state or stage of existence as human beings. Human beings have been endowed with great potential for development by God in order to be capable of serving his intended plan and purpose. The plan and purpose of God will become obvious when humanity studies the message in the Quran in detail. As for knowledge people learn things by observing and copying already programmed things as to what they do and how they do it and that way they learn how things interact with each other and fit in with each other which helps human beings develop rationally by reasoning things that are self evident as to how they are interlinked or interconnected or fit in with each other. This is how from obvious world people can become capable of looking into hidden realities in the real world and deduce things rationally and that way arrive at the right conclusions about things.

    It should be clear to a person that unless people had a language and they developed it to a stage where at God could send his message to them they could not benefit from the revelation of God this is why God had to wait till people evolved from animal stage to human stage of existence. However even then God had to wait till people could make proper sense of his message in order to benefit from it. This is like some grown up person instils in mind of a young child some message to remember which can only make sense to the child when he has grown up and has reached the stage of knowledge required for its proper understanding. This is why human progress has been very slow due to interaction between people and other living and nonliving things as well as between people themselves. People have real problem in trying to make proper sense of message of God because it takes them a lot of time to learn sense of making proper sense of things provided they have had a deep and wide life experience about things about which message of God talks. If not then such people are little better than animals who have not yet developed to stage of humanity. This is why knowing how words came about and how they got their meanings becomes of vital importance to know because without knowing that mechanism people cannot develop a possible vocabulary which could introduce them to meanings of words which are used by God therefore people cannot develop a proper context of message of God without knowing such meanings of words used in the message of God. Unless human beings come to this stage of awareness about problem of language between God and mankind this problem cannot be solved. This shows how God is limited by being a God and how humanity is limited by being human beings in context of use of language. Since people cannot know anything beyond their time of development and progress and God talks about realities of things as they are so there is a huge gap between knowledge of God and knowledge of people. This is why people cannot be sure what the message of God actually means unless they come to know some basic rules of understanding the text of the message of God. Once they come to know the rules then they can be reasonably sure about understanding the message of God properly just like knowing formulas for mathematical expressions for solving the mathematical problems. Though people talk about detail of message of God but no matter how detailed message of God is it is still up to people to make proper sense of it and different people need different amount of detail for understanding it properly. Moreover God can only detail message up to a stage otherwise that will interfere with God given freedom of humanity due to God having a plan and an purpose for his creation that stops God from over doing things which could ruin his own plan and purpose for things. However some people being more able to make proper sense of message of God can detail his message for others to help them understand the message of God as it ought to be understood, though most people only try to confuse each other more and more due to being ignorant or illiterate or uneducated or untrained or unskilled or being unable to think properly themselves.

    The idea of human language is of such importance to understand that without it even an atheist is unable to answer to himself any serious questions about existence of God in a logically consistent way. For example if one asks oneself is there a God, one cannot say there is no God because one cannot prove so no matter how hard one tries. Moreover it is impossible to prove a negative. This is why the real question becomes if there is a God then what is the proof? This question can only be answered by those who know the answer by saying God does exist and the proof is his creation and his revelation. However the question then becomes how do the creation and the revelation prove existence of God to mankind? They prove existence of God to mankind by people studying them both in detail in light of each other. This is where in comes idea of research and exploration and discovery. This is why people who are not interested in idea of studying things in depth and in width cannot know anything much about anything be it the universe or God or his revelation. In order to study the universe people must learn language to the best of their God given abilities. Likewise in order to make sense of revelation of God they must learn language of message of God which is very different from what people use with each other for communicating their ideas to each other. This is why they need to develop a dictionary that could help them understand message of God. So far all dictionaries written by people are only collection of some words that are brought about by people and their meanings used by people. This is not sufficient for understanding of message of God by people. So people who do not understand this problem of language between God and mankind their opinions are nothing more than their wishful thoughts that have no basis in reality. So those who dismiss the idea of existence of God unless they can explain logically consistently how they came to their conclusion of nonexistence of God they are simply talking nonsense. It is because they have no choice but to accept possibility of existence of God but if one accepts the possibility of existence of God then on ends up with a huge problem on one’s hands which is one has to explain reason for creation and revelation of God in light of what mankind can clearly observe in this real world with their own senses. Not only that but one also has to explain how God could communicate his message to mankind in this world the way it exists and ensure his message was understood by mankind properly if thye chose to study it properly. So people who have no idea about such important questions and their relationship to each other whatever they say about God cannot be taken just on its face value. It is because if people cannot find a way or accept it whereby God could communicate his message to people then their acceptance of possibility of existence of God falls flat on its face due to break down in their logical consistency in their explanation, therefore whatever such people say about God cannot be trusted. All this will be discussed in great detail as things develop in this study of the Quranic message.

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    The quran we have today is the original quran that was handed to people by the messenger of Allah.
    By dr shehzad saleem
    Topic 1 (Ep 1-3): Towards a New Inquiry (History of the Qur’an)
    Topic 2 (Ep 1-2): Narratives on Four People Collected the Qur’an in the Lifetime of Muhammad (sws)
    Topic 20 (Ep 1-2) - Transmission of the Qur’an (History of the Qur’an)
    Topic 19 (Ep 1-4) - Collection of the Qur’an (History of the Qur’an)
    Topic 18 (Ep 1-10) - Narratives on the Isnads of the Seven Canonical Readings (History of the Quran)
    Topic 18 (Ep 1-6) - Narratives on the Isnads of the Seven Canonical Readings (History of the Quran)
    Topic 17 (Ep 1-) - Narratives on the Revelation of the Qur’an on Seven Ahruf (History of the Quran)
    Topic 16 [Ep1] Insertion of Vocalization and Diacritics in the Quranic Script (History of the Quran)
    Topic 15 (Ep 1) - The Stoning Verse” Narratives (History of the Quran)
    Topic 14 (Ep 1) - Narratives on the Variations found in the ‘Uthmanic Copies (History of the Quran)
    Topic 13 (Ep 1) - A Narrative on the Schematic Arrangement of the Qur’an (History of the Quran)
    Topic 12 (Ep 1) - Narratives on Ustuwanah al-Mushaf (History of the Quran)
    Topic 11 (Ep 1) - Narrative on the Changes made in the Qur’an by al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf al-Thaqafi
    Topic 10 (Ep 1) - Narratives on Mistakes (Lahn) in the Qur’an (History of the Quran)
    Topic 9 (Ep 1) - Narratives on ‘Abdullah ibn Mas‘ud’s Refusal to Surrender his Mushaf
    Topic 8 (Ep 1) A Narrative on the Placement of Surah Anfal (8) and Surah Tawbah (9)
    Topic 7 (Ep 1) Narratives on Abdullah ibn Masud’s Rejection of the Muawwidhatayn
    Topic 6 (Ep 1) Narratives on the Masahif of Ubayy ibn Ka'b (rta) and Abdullah ibn Masud (rta)
    Topic 5 (Ep 4): Narratives on the Collection of the Qur’an by ‘Ali (rta) (History of the Quran)
    Topic 4 (Ep 1): Critical Analysis of the Narrative on Uthman’s Collection (History of the Quran)
    Topic 3 (Ep 1): Critical Analysis of the Narrative on Abu Bakr’s Collection (History of the Qur'an)

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    1)When it comes to deen of islam halaal and haraam is about law not about some baseless belief or practice.

    2)The quran gives directives or sets limitations about laws which are supposed to be understood and debated in light of the quran and real world realities. When truly knowledgeable ummat people agree upon some law, it is truly an islamic law or part of Godly shariah.

    Now the detail arguments.

    1)Law is all about people having or doing or using things and nothing else.

    2)With respect to law having, doing or using things is mubaa ie neutral ie they are neither lawful nor unlawful to have or do or to use.

    3)On basis of reason having, doing or using things is declared lawful or unlawful.

    4)Things which cause harm to have or to do or to use are declared unlawful on the basis of the quran in deen of islam.

    5)Thing are only declared unlawful in the way they are harmful to have or to do or to use and not mutlaqan or in all respects.

    For example, if a person asks is a car halaal or haraam? The answer cannot be given because this question requires further clarification and that clarification needs reasons on basis of which a car may be declared halaal or haraam or lawful or unlawful to have or to use.

    Unless a person has this much clear understanding of how laws are made by God only then one could understand what the quran is saying and why with regard to its directives and set limits about laws for having, using or doing things.

    Reading the quran could be unlawful if it is done the wrong way. Likewise having or using or doing something could be haraam if it is not done the way one is supposed to do it. So anything which causes harm is unlawful but only in the way it causes harm and not in all respects. All things in some respects can be useful and beneficial as well as in other respects harmful and damaging when people try to have them or use them or do them.

    If one learns and understands the explained formula one can see for oneself what one is having or doing or using is harmful or not and on that basis one can declare it lawful or unlawful. In short nothing can be totally lawful or for that matter totally unlawful rather there have to be reasons as to why or how something is lawful or unlawful. The quran does not list all the needed laws but provides formula and people formulate laws as they need them basing them on the formula given by the quran. During the life of messenger of Allah only those laws were formed or legislated which people at the time needed and as time went on people kept on adding to those laws and will continue adding till the last man here on this earth.

    Mullahs have no sense at all how the quranic laws are supposed to be worked out that is why instead of learning things they have been fighting each other on baseless concepts. So people instead of fighting each other must learn the quranic concepts properly and all their differences will vanish. People have very wrong concepts about the quran and deen of islam in general.

    They have wrong concepts about revelations of God and messengers of Allah. They believe in miracles that have no basis in the quranic context. They believe in a sunnah concept that is alien to deen of islam. Start learning things logically consistently and put things to the test. Get out of sectarian mindsets and start thinking about become an ummah once again.

    This is why they fail to prove deen of islam as a proper way of life for humanity as a whole. All fasaad is due to mullahs and their stupidity. Start

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    Originally Posted by Mughal View Post
    Before reading the explanation of the message of the quran here see HERE

    See post 1 for surah 6
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