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    Mafia Wars: London District 7: Baby On Board Complete Walkthrough and Rewards

    The 7th District in London is called Baby On Board. There are 8 jobs with 4 levels and it plays out just like Districts 1-6.

    The images and captions for jobs 1-8 are shown in order below. The storyline follows a man whose wife and baby are kidnapped and how he gets them back.

    The job buttons describe the action within the job description and don’t say “Do Job” like they do in other destinations.

    The job descriptions, payouts and requirements for each level are shown below.




    The energy/experience ratios, job percent mastery consumable and currency requirements for each level are shown below. The ratios are better than in the previous districts of London.

    Job Mastery Currency Consumable Bronze Silver Gold Ruby
    1* 7% -- -- 2.00 2.07 2.13 2.13
    2 6% -- -- 1.90 1.97 2.03 2.03
    3 6% £54/Job
    -- 1.88 1.94 2.00 2.00
    4** 4% £56/Job
    2.09 2.16 2.23 2.23
    5 4% -- -- 2.05 2.13 2.19 2.19
    6 6% -- -- 1.80 1.86 1.92 1.92
    7 7% -- -- 1.91 1.97 2.04 2.04
    8 5% £78/Job
    -- 2.09 2.16 2.23 2.23
    Total £15,512 200

    *Produces Revved Ups **Requires 2 Revved Ups Per Job & Produces Armedguns

    There are two consumables items that can be made in District 7. Revved Ups are required for the 4th job and Armedguns are needed for the Bonus Job feature.

    Revved Ups can be acquired by doing the first “Track Down Your Target”. You will want to farm them on the Bronze Level because the job cost 162 energy. The same job costs 972 energy on the Ruby Level. Unfortunately the East End Pub has not been updated to include this item. The only way to get them is to use energy.

    Revved Ups are needed for the 4th job, “Chase Down Your's Son's Kidnappers”. Each click requires two and you will need a total of 200 to completely master the district.

    Armedgun are acquired from the job shown above. They are only needed for Bonus Jobs which randomly drop. The two Bonus Jobs for District 7 are “Choose Your Weapons” and “Make The Impossible Shot”.

    The new round of Bonus Jobs do not offer skill points when you complete them. The loot items that randomly drop are shown below. These are also the items you receive for taking out Bandits in all Brazil, Chicago and London jobs.

    The equipment items, cost and number needed for District 7 are shown below. The cost listed assumes you own a Ruby Level Abelha Helicopter from Brazil which decreases the price. None of the items from previous districts are needed. If you are short on Pounds, you can sell those items for 50% of what you paid. The list of equipment requirements includes the items needed for Bonus Jobs. The total cost of all items needed to do jobs in District 7 is £361,800.

    There are a total of six loot items that drop randomly from all District 7 jobs. Run your Show Worst Items Spocklet to see if this loot will help you. Zynga is attempting to tell us this information from the loot screen but as you can see their wording is off and it's not accurate if you don’t own the item. All loot items state “Your weakest weapon/armor/vehicle/animal/henchmen is stronger than this item”. Obviously, in my case, that’s not true for the Travel Agent. They also need to indicate that they are referring to active items because if my weakest items are stronger than it means the item itself is my weakest item.

    Once you master each level of District 7, you get a Cricket Umpire. The stats start out at 116/211 on the Bronze Level and improve to 146/271 upon Ruby mastery. The item offers no special abilities like the ones from Districts 1-6.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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