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    Mafia Wars: How To Find Out Who Declared War On You

    Most of us have had the encountered a war that was declared on us when we were off line. After closing out a ton of popups, you see the “War Over” notification.

    Going to your Declare War Page often results in disappointment when you realize you lost the war. Some players get really pissed off and want to go after the person who had the nerve to do this while you were off line. Honestly it doesn’t bother me because 99% of the time it’s random. You were just someone on the fightlist who was available for a war. The person declaring it on you is just playing the game.

    Those who wish to retaliate often find they can’t because there isn’t an easy way to get the profile link of the player who declared war. All players who helped in the war are listed by profile but if the person who declared the war did not attack anybody (most of us don’t help in our own wars because it takes away the opportunity for your mafia members to help), their profile link is not available.

    Brandon Venery wrote a script called War Opponent and it will easily identify the player who declared a war on you. To add War Opponent to your Spockholm Toolbar, click here or image below.

    Go to your Configuration Page and click on the “Yes, I know the risk” button.

    The script will now be active in your toolbar.

    The stand alone version can be used by dragging the bookmarklet below into your bookmark toolbar. To use it your game must be unframed.

    To use War Opponent, go to your Declare War Page. Type “War Opponent” in the search bar and click on it. If you use the stand alone script, unframe your game and click on War Opponent from your bookmark toolbar.

    You will then get the option to go to the Mafia Wars Profile or Facebook Profile of the player who declared war on you. What you do about it after that is up to you.

    Many thanks to Shaun from the Mafia Wars Gods for declaring a war on me and letting me use his image so I could write this post.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY
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