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    Why Should You Play Halo 5: Guardians

    Today, the consoles Xbox One comes the long-awaited exclusive Halo 5: Guardians. Over the past few months, this caused a shooter in the game world a tremendous excitement. A corporation Microsoft skillfully fueled it not only fresh epic trailer, and a variety of news. Let's see what a fifth of Halo and why the owners of the Xbox is really worth it to play.

    Passage of the campaign will take 8:00

    For whomever you played Halo 5, the full completion of the main campaign, you should leave at least 8 hours. And it is only at the simplest level of complexity. Legendary same level may increase this number in half, because there you will regenerate more frequently.

    Perfectly balanced opponents

    One of the main problems of the previous part of Halo was the imbalance of some opponents. This, above all, talking about prometeytsah. It is no secret that in the campaign, these guys brought gamers too many problems. The Guardians of the developers worked on the balance of the soul, and no characters here imbalansnyh simply should not be.

    The new protagonist

    The main hero of Halo 5 is a Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke, also known as Spartan Locke. Most of the campaign, you play just for this super-soldier. Management Chifom legendary master, the main hero of the previous game Halo, takes no more than a third of possession. And it must be said, a great idea developers. All fans of the Halo series knows Master Chief, if not in person. Adding a new epic character makes the game much more diverse.

    The rich arsenal

    It is very unlikely that you will see a large variety of weapons to any other console shooter. See for yourself. In Halo 5 are: assault rifle, assault rifle, sniper rifle, Hydra rocket launcher, magnum, shotgun, submachine gun, Spartan laser, railgun, plasma pistol, shotgun, iglostrel, boltshot, lightweight rifle, a machine gun. And this is only the beginning of the list.

    Perfect in-game video

    Campaign Halo 5 begins incredible video scenes. Character Animation at the level of the cosmos, and maybe even higher. At the same time, despite the large amount of video scenes, they do not get bored. And all because of the fact that they are loaded very quickly. At the end of the scene you can already manage Locke or Master Chifom.

    - 60 frames per second
    Released in November last year, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has shown us all the advantage of a large FPS.Compared to the previous part c, Halo 5 will get a much more dynamic. And this is due largely to the available is 60 frames per second. However, this standard is the latest generation of consoles.

    Open spaces

    For deep storyline based shooter Halo 5 has a fairly large open spaces of different levels. This allows gamers to destroy opponents with very different positions and makes the tactic is much more diverse. On Legendary open spaces are essential for successful implementation of tasks.

    Advanced Artificial Intelligence

    In Halo 5 it is not just "smart" opponents, but also "smart" allies. And some of them may well be smarter than your real companions cooperative online game. Even if you're playing alone, you will be accompanied by several allied with artificial intelligence. These guys not only help deal focused fire on the enemy, but also podlechat in particularly difficult situation.

    Dynamic resolution does not stop the game

    The Guardians have a dynamic resolution images. This means that in the most "heavy" fighting a maximum resolution of 1080p is slightly reduced. This is done to your Xbox One does not sleep a perpetual sleep overload in the middle of a fight. However, such "heavy" moments always so tense that see a slight deterioration of picture quality gamers simply do not have time.

    As a result, it is safe to say that Halo 5: Guardians - is a magnificent exclusive shooter that unleashes the full potential of the Xbox One. The main feature of the game is its great storyline based on the interaction of the two main characters. As for the battles, thanks to a frequency of 60 FPS, they are filled with ineffable dynamics.

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