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    GTA 3 PC Cheats

    GTA 3 Cheats

    GTA 3 was released for the PC in 2002, a year after the PS2 launch. The game is perfectly playable on the PC but it is clearly a console port that was not originally designed with the PC in mind.

    Gameplay Cheats

    GUNSGUNSGUNS======>Weapon Cheat
    IFIWEREARICHMAN======>Money Cheat
    GESUNDHEIT======>Health Cheat
    TURTOISE ======>Armor Cheat
    SKINCANCERFORME======>Nice Weather
    ILiKESCOTLAND======>Fog Thickness Level 1
    ILOVESCOTLAND======>Fog Thickness Level 2
    PEASOUP======>Fog Thickness Level 3
    ITSALLGOINGMAAAD======>Crazy Peds
    NOBODYLIKESME======>Peds Want To Kill You
    WEAPONSFORALL======>Peds have weapons
    CHITTYCHITTYBB======>Flying Cars
    MOREPOLICEPLEASE======>Wanted Level Up
    NOPOLICEPLEASE======>Wanted Level Down
    GIVEUSATANK======>Spawn A Tank
    ANICESETOFWHEELS======>See-Thru Cars
    CORNERSLIKEMAD======>Better Driving Code
    TIMEFLIESWHENYOU======>Fast Gameplay
    ILIKEDRESSINGUP======>Change Character
    BANGBANGBANG======>Blow Up Cars Around You
    BOOOOORING======>Game Slow

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