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    Mafia Wars: The Assassin NPC by Eike

    This Spocklet has been available for a while, but since the last missions did not include any NPCs, it was of no need.
    What is an NPC?
    NPC stands for "Non Player Character", meaning someone in a game that looks like a player, but is not. In Mafia Wars, this means the guys that pop up on the fightlist on event missions and can be killed for stamina. Those that used to break old Brawler, of course Assassin-a-Nator can handle them. Why do I call them NPC? Because Zynga uses that in their code.

    Some missions ago there were a lot of parts involving killing 20 or 30 NPCs from the fightlist, that was when I went mad and thought "We need a Spocklet for that." I did some fast coding and created the

    Assassin NPC


    Now in the current mission, after getting over a lot of waiting tasks, we get another task of eliminating 20 assassins. You can easily get over it with the Assassin NPC.
    Start it up, then go to the fight page.
    If you are out if health or stamina, or not on the fight page, the Assassin NPC will stop. You can heal using the heal button.
    Once you have regained stamina and health, click "Attack".
    The Spocklet will start killing...
    ... and stop once every assassin is dead.
    That's it, simple tool to save your click-monkeys.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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    Circuit advertisement Mafia Wars: The Assassin NPC by Eike
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