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    Mafia Wars: Family Gatherings: Mission Complete Walk Through

    The Family Gatherings Mission is pretty straight forward. There are quite a few delays as many tasks require multiple property collections. Since there are 14 days to complete it, I would pace myself and not use Reward Points. In the end everybody gets the same reward.

    Part 1
    Dropping In
    Activate any 5 of your Chicago Crew positions. I usually select the ones I don't think I'll need in future parts of the Mission and I don't activate all of them just in case another part require a task in which I may need one of them.
    Simply travel to Italy. If this task is too much for you to handle, you can buy it off for only 1 Reward Point.
    Clear 4 Robbing Boards. The "Go Now" button will take you to the Italy Robbing Board but you will get credit for clearing boards in any destination.
    Get 5 of your mafia members to accept your Mission requests. I found I got credit for just accepting pending requests in my ZMC. Using the Mission Crew Link or Link-a-Nator also works.
    The loot rewards are 1 Blue Jay and 1 Bartender.

    There are also 2 experience bonuses. Initially we assumed that the smaller one was family experience and would be applied to the Family Progression feature but upon further testing learned this is not the case. All of the experience is applied to your individual account. I'm not sure why Zynga couldn't just add it up and count it as one bonus. It's not like you have a choice to use it two different times. This just doesn't make sense to me. Maybe it was a mistake on their end and one of these bonuses was suppose to be something useless like currency or Loyalty Points.

    Part 2

    How Are Things?
    This part of the Mission is about collecting Italy consumables. I would really love it if we could go collect something we need. Even Chicago consumables would be more helpful than these items. Anyways, collect 6 Severed Pinkies and 6 Rail Tickets from robbing
    I saw many complain about the drop rates of these in the news feeds. I collected the two shown above manually and used a little over 2,000 stamina to get the other 5 of each.
    The 6 Hidden Charges dropped very quickly in fights.
    The Smart Phones are very easy to collect if you go to a low energy job in New York. The "Go Now" button will take you to

    Part 3

    You Don't Say?
    Get support from your mafia X10. Use the same methods described in Part 1.
    Now go to Italy and collect on your Villa 4 times. There is a 4 hour timer between collections so this task can't be done right away without using Reward Points. It doesn't really matter because the next task will take you 3 days.
    Purchase 3 items from your Port. There is 23 hour timer between collections. I really wish they would change this timer to 18 hours like all the other properties. I probably collect on this thing every other day because the timer is always out of sync with my New York properties and who has time to remember yet another timer for property collection.
    There are no loot rewards but we get 2 Hired Guns that will be useless to most.

    Part 4

    I Don't Believe it
    Declare a war 5 times will take one day and 16 hours if you don't buy it off. The price to buy these things off went up again. We have two weeks so don't play their game!
    If you are going to cave in, be smarter than Zynga about it. If you buy the task off, you will spend 15 Reward Points per war. You can go to your Declare War Page and it only costs 12 Reward Points to declare a new war. Not only will you save Reward Points but you will get two loot items per war. In the last few Missions, it was only 4 Reward Points to buy off Declare Wars.
    Rob in Italy 35 times. It has to be in Italy and you have to win for it to count. There are no loot rewards.

    Part 5

    Get Outta Here

    Do the Italy District 1 job "Discover The Conspiracy" 30 times. This job only requires 40 energy and it was nice to do one of these without needed 1 energy refills to get it done.

    The second task " " was auto-checked for me. If you aren't as lucky, you need to ask your mafia to send you. 1 Confidential Records. There will be a "Ask" button right on the Mission Page that generates a news feed request. There are no loot rewards for this part of the Mission.

    Part 6
    You Should Have Known Better

    Take out 20 Assassins from the fight list. Team Spockholm has a new tool to make this part go faster and when Eike gets to this part of the Mission he will write a post about it. It's quite fitting that this tool is called the Assassin NPC. Coincidence??? If you don't want to wait for Eike to guide you, you can try to figure it out on your own by going to the Spockholm Mafia Tools Beta Page.

    In order to take out the Assassins, your health needs to be above 20 and you need 4 stamina for each attack.

    Ice 30 opponents in Italy. Good luck with that if you fight manually as Zynga has totally jacked up fighting at the moment.

    Collect from your Football Stadium 3 times. There is a 18 hour timer between collections so you are looking at another delay in your Mission progress if you don't use Reward Points. I recommend you wait, there are 14 days to finish and you do't get a prize if you are the first one to complete it.

    You get 2 Golden Parrots. They look blue to me.

    Part 7
    Well That Seems Rude

    Win 25 in Italy. This is much easier than getting ices and should take just a few moments. Power Attacks will count as 5 fights.

    Do the District 3 job "Deal With The Don's Guards". You really need to read the fine print on this one. Notice it says "Fight Path".

    Clicking the "Go Now" button will take you to the Energy Path of District 3. You may get confused and think Zynga made a mistake and start doing the job "Distract The Don's Guards". When you see that you aren't getting credit for doing this job, you may go to Customer Support and waste a lot of time.

    Go to the Fight Path and you will find this job. It is a stamina job and costs 72 stamina per click. We need to do it 25 times so make sure you plan accordingly and do't blow all your stamina before getting to this part.

    Part 8
    That Was Nice Of You

    These tasks aren't very creative and are repeat what we have already seen in this Mission. Win 3 wars. They can be your own or ones you have helped out with if you are the last person to attack.

    Win 100 fights in Italy. It doesn't matter if the player is iced or alive. You just need to win the fight to get credit. Again successful Power Attacks count as 5 wins.

    The non-player Assassins are back. These cost 10 stamina per attack but we only need to get 5 of them.

    When you complete all tasks of this part, it becomes a Turkeypalooza. Rather than create a new Thanksgiving loot item, Zynga went out of their way to search the inventory for all things turkey. Unfortunately, these are our rewards. Old Loot=Crappy Stats!

    Seriously? Why couldn't they have given us something better? Anyways, they forgot 2. The Bourbon Red from our Cider House and the Wild Turkey from last years Thanksgiving Event Don's Diner.

    Part 9
    How Was The Food?

    Do the Italy Region 8 job "Gain Access To Private Villa" 40 times. The job costs 243 energy so you will need to spend some energy to get this done. 9,720 to be exact (unless you get some Top Mafia bonuses).

    Acquire 1 animals. If you click the "Go Now" button, you will be directed to the Marketplace but you can get these animals any way you wish. You get credit if animals drop from fights, jobs or robs. The easiest way is to go to any City Store and buy them with in game currency. Since I was already in Italy, I went to that City Store and used Lira to purchase 10 Scimmias.

    Collect from your Winery 4 times. There is a 6 hour timer between collections so this will take a full day to complete.

    The rewards are a Chomp Rocket, some Lira and 2 experience bonuses.

    The Chomp Rocket is nice as I need to work on my defense vehicle strength.

    Who cares about the Lira? Zynga should be embarrassed to even "reward" us with it. There are 2 separate experience bonuses. I got excited once again thinking that maybe one of them would be Family Experience but no such luck.

    It all gets applied to your account. Here are the screen shots of my experience needed to level before and after collecting the rewards.

    With a name like Family Gatherings and a holiday in which you give thanks right around the corner, you would think that Zynga could have given us a nice Family Experience bonus. I held out hope and also ran the Family Experience Spocklet before and after collections. You can see it didn't move at all. Too bad Zynga doesn't want to make their 11K+ families happy for Thanksgiving.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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