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    The Hit-List Limited Time Mission Complete Walkthrough and Rewards

    The Hit-List Limited Time Mission is a kinder and softer Mission than what we have seen in the past. There are only two high energy tasks that may give players with low energy problems. You will hit a few time speed bumps along the way but 16 days should be plenty of time to finish. SPOILER ALERT: There is a unadvertised surprise Bonus Mission bringing the total number of parts to 10. Unfortunately the name doesn’t deliver. I was hoping that Zynga would be creative and incorporate the underused Mafia Wars Hit-List into the tasks.
    Part 1

    The Bad Omen looks cool but stays true to it’s name. It’s bad because it doesn’t have any stats or a purpose. It will just collect dust in your inventory. Click on the “Ask Now” button to generate a request. If your mafia isn’t very active, you can ask every 2 hours. You will also get one if you send one to others.

    The rest of the tasks are self explanatory. Crafting 2 items from your Weapons Depot will delay you 18 hours if your timer is ready to go.

    The rewards are 1 Motocross Helmet and a experience bonus based on your level.

    Part 2

    Sam Hadwick can be found on your fightlist. Each Sam costs 15 stamina to attack. Now that you need to filter out Mini Bosses in addition to real players, these Sam Hadwicks can be hard to find. To make it easy, use the Assassin NPC Spocklet.

    Collecting from your Headquarters in Brazil can be fun if you have the Spockholm Toolbar installed. Make sure you collect from the Home Page. If your lucky, you might get a surprise [1]. This task will set you back a minimum of 16 hours as there is a 8 hour wait between collections from your Headquarters.
    All you need to do to complete the last task is clear any 3 robbing boards. Clicking the “Go Now” button from the Mission Page will take you to the London Robbing Board but you can go to any destination you choose. I recommend New York as the experience/stamina ratios are better. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, you just need to clear the board.

    The rewards are 1 Chemical Cannon and a experience bonus based on your level.

    Part 3

    Part 3 offers you the opportunity to collect more useless Bad Omens. Loot 20 from robbing in Chicago for task 1 and get 15 more by asking your mafia in the same manner you did for Part 1. Your request will remain active until you collect your rewards so you will end up with a lot of bad Omens.

    For task 2 go to District 2 of London and do the job “Meet The Land Mafia To Collect Your Take” 35 times. The job only costs 270 energy when ruby mastered so this is a refreshing change from job tasks we have seen in the past. You will need to spend a total of 9,450 energy to get this done. The only bad news is the job has a experience/energy ratio of 1.71.

    The rewards are 1 Malayan Porcupine and a larger than normal experience bonus. This will make up for that crappy job ratio if used strategically.

    Part 4

    Getting 2 Crew Members is easier than Zynga makes it out to be. Don’t click on the “Go Now” button or they will want you to send out ZMC requests. Just go to Brazil, Chicago or London and click the “Ask” button next to your Crew Positions. Make sure you have at least 2 spots empty in your queue.

    Get more Bad Omens from fights. The drop rate is really good so this shouldn’t take much time or stamina.

    Collect from your Chicago Truck Stop 3 times. This task will cause a minimum 16 hour delay as you need to wait 8 hours between collections.

    The rewards are 1 Ornate Wolf and an experience bonus based on your level.

    Part 5

    It was a long shot that Long Shots would be useful and they aren’t.

    You need to go to District 1 in London and loot 22 of these things from the job “persuade “The Kid” To Throw The Championship Fight. The drop rate is not 100% so use your Lockpick Bonus to save energy. The good news is the job only costs 270 energy if ruby mastered. The bad news is the experience/energy ratio is only 1.28.

    Rob 40 times in Brazil. You must win to get credit. Failed robberies will not apply to the task.

    All you have to do in the last task is help in 5 wars. If you don’t use scanning bots, this can be very difficult. To get around it, join a small war group.

    The rewards are getting better. You will get 1 Motocross Helmet, 1 Chemical Cannon and a large experience bonus based on your level.

    Part 6

    This one is easy. Clear 5 Robbing Boards, win 2 wars and fight 120 opponents. Use Robber BG, the Assassin-a-Nator and the War-o-Matic to get it done in no time. You will need to wait either 8 hours or 6 hours between wars (depending on your level of Family Progression).

    The rewards are 1 Malayan Porcupine, 1 Ornate Wolf and a very large experience bonus based on your level.

    Part 7

    Getting “Support” from your mafia is usually the most annoying task in Missions. You need to get 20 players to join your Mission Crew and it never seems to be easy. Using the Gift Blaster helps. If you have trouble, go here for instructions of how to work around some of the bugs associated with this type of task.

    Icing 30 opponents in London and Declaring 2 wars are self explanatory, boring and overplayed. Declaring a war 2 times can set you back 16 or 12 hours since you probably just declared a war for Part 6.

    The rewards are 1 Ornate Wolf, 1 Motocross and a really large experience bonus based on your level.

    Part 8

    Go to District 3 in Chicago and do the job “Collect Income From Your Establishment” 30 times. This job isn’t as nice as the others because it costs 702 energy per click if ruby mastered. Save any Top Mafia bonuses, you will spend a total of 21,060 energy.
    Acquiring 20 vehicles is easy. Get them from fights, jobs and robs or go to any City Store and purchase them with in game currency. To get Zynga extra excited, you can buy them with reward points but it’s not necessary.
    If the third task looks familiar, it’s because you just did it in Part 4. Go get some more Bad Omens. I hate that I have a collection of things I can’t get rid of. They aren’t giftable and I can’t dump them using my Family Property. They will just sit and fester in my inventory along with all the other useless Mission consumables. It’s not cool to have something called a Bad Omen lingering in your game.

    The rewards are 1 Chemical Cannon, 1 Malayan Porcupine and a experience bonus based on your level.

    Part 9

    More icing and Bad Omens for tasks 1 and 2. Does it look like I need anymore Bad Omens??? I figured they were done with it on the last part. I really get annoyed with these Missions when the tasks repeat themselves.

    Go to District 3 of Chicago and loot 15 Weezle Waster. These sound cool until you look at the stats. I understand Zynga got hit with a rash of shit when some players didn’t get the same number of Trigger Happies as others but really do they need to make us loot crap?

    The job, “Stuff Local Cop’s Pockets With Greens” costs 756 energy if ruby mastered and the drop rate is no where near 100%. I thought Zynga was getting soft with those 270 energy jobs! Use the Lockpick bonus to save energy.

    The rewards are 1 Blue Wasp with stats of 213/142 and a super duper large experience bonus based on your level. Since the Blue Wasp is the Grand Prize, one would assume they were finished with this Mission. Surprise, you aren’t done yet as there is a Bonus Mission. The positive to Bonus Missions is you can get another Grand Prize.

    Part 10

    Win 150 fights in London is really easy if you use the Power Attack button. Get 2 more Crew Members the same way you did in Part 4 and craft 3 items in your Chop Shop. The last task will delay you a minimum of 36 hours if you don’t speed craft or buy it. If you plan it right, there will still be plenty of time to do this Mission without using reward points.

    When you finish, you will be rewarded a 2nd Blue Wasp and another large experience bonus based on your level.

    When it’s all said and done, you will end up with 3 each of the Motocross Helmet, Chemical Cannon, Malayan Porcupine and Ornate Wolf. A butt load of Bad Omens and 2 Blue Wasps.


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