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    Mafia Wars: The Best Experience/Energy Jobs

    In the past (when Mafia Wars was more fun), you would do jobs that dropped the best loot and try to get 500 items. Once Zynga shifted the better loot items over to fighting and reduced the job loot drop rates to essentially nothing, that all changed. Unless you're a huge serial leveling energy player, doing jobs for loot is a waste of your resources. The loot items with the highest scores drop in District 6 of Chicago. If you are maxed out on Cuba loot and fight loot, the only loot items in Chicago that will probably help you is the Ladder from District 4 and the Getaway Truck from District 8.

    To see what Chicago items will help you, use the Inventory Group Spocklet.
    To demonstrate how poorly these items drop, I did a 1,000 job run in District 6. The best job that does't require consumables is "Plan a Decisive Blow Against the North Siders" and has a experience/energy ratio of 1.99. The problem is the job costs 1,180 energy per click. It's hard to farm items when you can only do a few jobs per energy refill.
    This run (performed on a energy account) cost about 1.2 million energy and only yielded 7 Getaway Trucks. If I had ambitions to max on these items, I would need to spend about 86 million energy. With my total energy pool of 5,356, it would take about 16,000 energy refills to achieve this goal. I plan on doing the same thing I did with the Brazil job loot. Wait it out because the loot will be outdated before I could ever dream of maxing out on it.
    If you decide that farming loot isn't worth it for your account, the next best thing to look for when choosing a job is the experience/energy ratio. The better the ratio, the faster you will level. You would think the latest destination would have the best ratio but that's not the case. Currently the highest experience/energy job in the game is the Ruby Level "Bribe a Taubate Prison Worker" which is in District 8 of Brazil. The job requires 648 energy and pays out 1,430 experience which gives it a ratio of 2.22.
    Many players don't do this job because it requires 4,450 Real per click but there is away around that. I had enough energy to do this job 4 times. If you bank all your Real before starting the job, you won't have to pay for it. Nothing will come out of your bank.
    I took screen shots of my bank balance before and after doing the 4 jobs shown above. I refreshed my game before taking the second image

    If you don't have enough energy to do the Brazil job, there are a few alternatives to ensure you get the most experience points out of your remaining energy pool. The best job in Chicago is n District 2 and has a ratio of 2.14. "Secure Hooch to Sell in Your Joint" costs 324 energy.
    The best job in Las Vegas, "Dig Up Links To Halloran And A Meth Ring" has a ratio of 2.07. This job costs 10,200 Vegas Chips per clip and there is no work around.
    The next best job which doesn't require consumables or currency is "Verify Halloran's Arrival At The Dam". The ratio is 2.03.
    If you don't have that much energy left and want to squeeze as much experience out of it as possible, there are a few jobs in New York with ratios over 2.0. The best job "Buy Off a Federal Agent" is in the Boss Tier and has a ratio of 2.16. It requires a consumable item (Blackmail Photos) but they are easy enough to get through gifting. I do this job when I have a small amount of energy left and I'm trying to level.
    The next best job, "Run Illegal Poker Game" is in the Enforcer Tier and has a ratio of 2.11. It does require job prep items.
    Secret Districts used to offer a job with a better ratio than what you can find in the current destinations. The current one which is set to expire in a little over a day offers nothing to be desired. The best ratio for a job that doesn't require a consumable is 1.97. There are two more Secret Districts in the line up of things to come and I really hope Zynga will go back to adding a job with a better ratio. They could give the loot better stats as well.
    The best event we have had in a long time was the Ruby Level of Cuba. The jobs didn't cost very much and the loot items were useful. The drop rates were reasonable and a lot of players were able to max out. The ratios weren't that great but the loot made up for it. Many players had fun with this event because it reminded us of what Mafia Wars used to be like when we got hooked. I would love to see events like this one instead of the Secret Districts.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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