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    MafiaWars: The Anatomy of a Nerf: Shotgun Blasts

    It's comical to study the evolution of the Shotgun Blast. When Boss Fight Ammo was introduced into the game, the Shotgun Blast was the saving grace to compensate for poor drop rates of the other consumables. The first boss we got to use our Ammo on was Roughhouse Rafael. We could accept up to 40 Shotgun Blasts as free gifts and collect two at a time from our news feeds. Nobody complained and many liked the new style of Boss Fight. Things remained the same for the Kassina Kunoichi Boss Fight as well.
    When The Raven first came to terrorize Mafia Wars, Zynga removed the option to get Shotgun Blasts from the Free Gift Page and reduced the number of Shotgun Blasts from the news feeds to one.
    When Captain Jack came on the scene, the damage that Shotgun Blasts would do per attack was reduced from over 300 to over 100 but you could still collect them from your news feeds.
    Instead of further nerfing Shotgun Blasts, Zynga decided to eliminate them all together for the return of The Raven. They were replaced with Sniper Shots that don't drop as advertised and the only way to get enough to defeat The Raven is to purchase them from the Marketplace.
    This has really made players angry. Zynga always maintains that Mafia Wars is a social game and we have gotten used to all the Mafia Wars spam. Some of this spam is even acceptable to players. We loved Shotgun Blast news feed posts and enjoyed interacting with each other to get them.

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