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    Mafia Wars: Secret District: The Slaughterhouse Complete Combos, Walk Through & Rewards

    Here is another Secret District for the Mafia Wars players with complete information, walkthrough and combos list. The 17th Secret District and is now available and it’s a creepy one! It’s called the Slaughterhouse and is based in Chicago. We have 13 days to get it done which is one less day than normal. This the 9th Secret District to include a Boss Fight and the Boss is a Frank Carver. I wouldn’t want to run into this guy in a dark alley.

    "Immune to the smell of blood, Frank Carver can easily pass you off as a piece of raw meat. All it takes is a slit to pleasure him. Take him down before you end up on his hooks."

    To access the Slaughterhouse, use the Home Page banner, the Travel Bar or the Chicago Job Page. If you use the Spockholm Toolbar, just click on the “Secret” button from any district page in Chicago.

    There is one Job Page image and it changes as you master each level.





    Like all past Secret Districts, there are a total of 9 jobs and each job has 4 levels of mastery. You get a skill point for mastering each job which is the best thing about Secret Districts. There are 36 jobs to master so it’s well worth the effort. Another nice thing about Secret Districts are there aren’t any equipment items to purchase. Below are the job descriptions, requirements and payouts for each level. The energy costs for the Slaughterhouse are a little less than in previous Secret Districts.





    The mastery percentages, currency requirements and experience/energy ratios are listed below.

    Job Mastery Clams Bronze Silver Gold Ruby
    1 6% -- 2.00 2.08 2.14 2.13
    2 5% ¢24 2.00 2.07 2.13 2.13
    3 7% -- 2.09 2.17 2.23 2.23
    4 5% -- 2.08 2.15 2.22 2.22
    5 8% ¢19 2.09 2.17 2.23 2.23
    6* 9% ¢25 2.00 2.07 2.14 2.13
    7 5% ¢14 2.08 2.15 2.22 2.22
    8* 6% ¢29 2.19 2.26 2.33 2.33
    9 7% -- 2.06 2.13 2.19 2.19
    *Requires 1 Tender Hook per Job

    As with the past few Secret Districts, there are no jobs other than #8 which requires consumables that have better ratios then what’s offered in gam already. I’m really getting tired of doing the same old London job. If you have extra Tender Hooks, doing job #8 on the Gold or Ruby levels will be worth the extra experience.

    All murderous butchers need a weapon to get the job done so it makes sense that a Tender Hook is the job consumable item and Boss Fight Ammo. Tender Hooks can be found on the Free Gift Page and you can accept up to 250 per day.

    You can also farm Tender Hooks by doing the first job, “Break Into The Longhorn Stockades”. The job costs 81 energy on the Bronze Level. If you choose this route, farm enough to fully master the district because the same job will cost you 486 energy on the Ruby Level.

    You will need 1 Tender Hook per click for job #6 and #8, “Slaughter The Bossman Upon His Refusal” and “Clear The Slaughterhouse Of Any Bodies”.

    To determine how many Tender Hooks you will need to fully master the district, divide the percent mastery into 100, round up and multiply by the number of needed per job. You won’t need nearly this amount if you use your Chicago Strategist and Lockpick bonuses strategically. If you don’t want to use your stamina for the Boss Fight you will want many more as they have a dual purpose and can be used as Ammo for the Boss Fight.

    Job Mastery Tender Hook/Job Tender Hook/Level Total
    6 9% 1 12 48
    8 6% 1 17 68
    Total 116

    There are 4 loot items which randomly drop from all jobs. You will want at least 50 of the first 3 items so you can get the skill point bonuses. The bad news for VIP membership subscribers is this loot is not as it is for other players. Unless you don’t value money, pay no attention to those reward point purchase buttons! PS..you can get them for free by doing the jobs which you will be doing anyway.
    To maximize your loot drops, make sure you have plenty of 2X Loot Boosts and don’t forget to utilize your Lockpick Crew Bonus. You can ask your mafia to send you 2X Loot Boosts once every 30 minutes (up to 5), collect up to 30 per day from the news feeds or put them on your wishlist. Any 2X Loot Boosts that you had from previous Secret Districts will carry over and can be used for this one. These boosts are specific for only the first 3 loot items shown above and will not apply towards any other loot items. If your Lockpick Bonus is activated and a loot item drops while you have a 2X Loot Boost on hand, you will get 4 items.

    There is a drop down tracker on top of the job page which helps you easily check on how many loot items, 2x Loot Boosts and consumables you have on hand. Once you get 10, 25 and 50 of the first three loot items shown above, you get bonus +5 attack points, +5 defense points and +5 skill points as a reward.

    I did a 1,001 job run and the drop rates are shown below. I did this run on an account with no 2X Loot Boosts so you can double the number of the first 3 loot items if you use them. 2X Loot Boosts are specific for Longhorn Steers, Abattoir Knifes and Floor Workers only. The run was performed on the first job of the bronze level. 81,081 energy was spent. The drop rate for Tender Hooks is a about 70% of jobs performed. The other loot items are not as good so you will need to spend a bit of energy to get 50 of the first 3 items. The rare job loot item, the Refrigerator Car has a very poor drop rate and the 2X Loot Boosts won’t help you. If you have a VIP subscription, I would just wait for the next refresh.

    Along the way, you will run into those annoying Bandits. They can be eliminated by using one of your Chicago Crew members so make sure your queue is full before starting.

    Scroll to the bottom of the Secret District Job Page to find the Boss Fight. Frank Carver works the same way as Carl The Coach and all the other Secret District bosses. You can attack him with stamina or Tender Hooks and he is only available to defeat once per level. For more details on how Secret District Boss Fights work and instructions for the Spockholm Secret District Boss Fighter, go here.

    Remember if you pull up the page shown above, you can generate a request and get 5 extra Tender Hooks.

    Frank Carvers health increases with each level and is 2,500, 5,000, 15,000, 25,000 for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby.

    You can use ammo items or stamina to attack Secret District Bosses. If you use stamina, the initial cost for each level is 5. The amount goes up by 5 for each attack. If you wait 8 hours, the stamina per attack will reset to 5 and the gradient will work it’s way back up.

    Ammo items do more damage than stamina and it’s best to use them is combos. The three combos for this boss are shown below.

    Green: Hook/Hook/Bat/Knife

    Yellow: Knuckles/Bat/Hook/Bat

    Red: Bat/Knuckles/Hook/Knife

    When you defeat the boss, you will get a Cleft. This item has stats of 123/155 on the Bronze Level and improves to 153/215 on the Ruby Level.

    For each level that you fully master all jobs and take out the boss, you get a Butcher. This item has stats of 97/151 on the Bronze Level and improves to 109/211 on the Ruby Level. You have to defeat the boss before you get it so don’t freak out if you finish all the jobs and still don’t have this item.

    If you master all the jobs first and then defeat the boss, you will get a combo popup which includes both mastery items.
    If you take out the boss before mastering the jobs, you will get an individual popup for the silver reward.

    You will then get the reward popup for the Throwing Axe once you complete all the jobs in the district.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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