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    MafiaWars: Stamina Pack Timer

    Everybody loves Stamina Packs. They are easy to find. My ZMC is always full of them so I never stress out about not having one available.
    Depending on how much stamina you have left in your pool and how much experience you need to level up, accepting a Stamina Pack is either a good or bad experience.

    The bad experiences would happen less frequently if Zynga would add a timer. They have devoted an entire page to the Home Page Module for Stamina Packs but failed to add a timer of any kind.
    I can see all kinds of timers on the other pages so why can't they add one to the page above?

    Timers are all over Mafia Wars so I know Zynga knows how to code for them. We see them on Energy Packs on the Home Page and in the Fight Club.

    On all the Properties and Crafting Timers.

    On Wars, Operations and Secret Stashes.

    And for asking your mafia to help you with jobs. I think I've made my point.
    Since Stamina Packs convert to Mystery Boost Packs if they are opened before 16 hours has elapsed, most players will open one to see if it's time. If they get a Mystery Boost Pack, the Stamina Pack isn't ready yet. This can get annoying.
    Team Spockholm always comes up with solutions and this is no exception. Eike told you all about the updated Checklist here. With all the options on the Checklist 2, it may not have been evident that there is a Stamina Pack timer.
    Simply open the configuration button to get the full menu (partial shown above).
    Click on the Checklist from the config menu and the Stamina Pack will be added to your personalized Checklist. Once you accept the Stamina Pack, click on the box and your timer will be active. Now the only thing you need to do before accepting your next Stamina Pack is to make sure you've utilized all of your stamina and you are not close to leveling.

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