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    Mafia Wars: Missing Harold & Kumar Boosts Missing Boosts

    The Harold & Kumar Boost Event started 8 days ago. We were told that all of the boosts would expire on November 11th.
    If you checked your inventory earlier today, you found that all of your Harold and Kumar boosts were gone. There wasn't a limit on how many boosts we could collect and I ended up collecting 503 of them to figure that out. This image was taken 8 days ago and I never used any boosts since then.
    My boosts have been turned off since the collection so I was a little surprised when I checked my inventory and found I didn't have any Harolds or Kumars..
    The boosts are still available on the Free Gift Page and you can still collect them.
    I accepted a couple of Kumars which were in my ZMC. I had to use an energy account because I have already hit my free gift limit for the day.
    I went to the Fight Page and the boosts were there.
    I found that any Harold and Kumar's I accepted from the Facebook request page did not show up even though it says you "accepted" one.
    Here is what was happening....When you leave your Mafia Wars game, the Harold & Kumar boosts disappear. When I came back to the game, the 15 Kumar boosts shown above disappeared even though I didn't use them.
    Zynga must have known about this as all accounts recently got 50 Harold and 50 Kumar boosts added to the inventory. I don't really care about boosts but if I did, I would be upset as I had over 500 of them. Now I have 100. Nobody will ever know where the rest of the boosts ended up. I imagine they are in the same place as Clams, Body Bags and Rob Squads.

    Thanks to Dushyanth Kanth for noticing in a timely fashion as I was able to confirm they were gone and disappearing when you exited the game. It looks like the problem has been fixed and you shouldn't lose any more. If you had over 50 and you want them back, I would contact Customer Support.

    Credits: MWLOOTLADY

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    Circuit advertisement Mafia Wars: Missing Harold & Kumar Boosts Missing Boosts
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