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    Mafia Wars: Harold & Kumars Bake Sale Gifting Event

    In addition to the Harold & Kumar Boost Gifting Event, we now have the Harold & Kumar's Bake Sale which is a Gifting Event. Find it on your Home Page. There are over 9 and a half days to complete the event.
    The in game instructions which you get to from the help mark on the Home Page are pretty decent. You need to collect 15 gifts for Harold or Kumar. A winner will be chosen on November 12th. If you have enough gifts for the winner, you get a Wafflebot. You are allowed to choose both characters so it's possible to get a maximum of 5 Wafflebots without letting chance get in the way.
    This event works just like the Big Game Faceoff, Underworld Showdown andTerminator vs Rambo.

    The gifts which are referred to as "munchies" are on the Free Gift Page. Harold is selling Christmas Cupcakes and Kumar is selling Brownies.

    To guarantee that you get 5 Grand Prize items, you will need a total of 75 of each gift. You can ask your mafia to send you the gift of your choice from the "Ask" button on the Home Page Module. This is just spam and a waste of time as it directs your mafia members to their own Free Gift Page. There are much better ways to go about getting these gifts.

    Use the Link-a-Nator by Team Spockholm and hope your mafia members send one back to you.

    Accept Christmas Cupcakes and Brownies through the Facebook Request Page and the Zynga Message Center.

    Track your progress on the Home Page. The number of rounds you have completed will display on the cupcake and brownie and there will be a progress bar next to each item letting you know how close to 15 you are.
    Once you get 15 of either gift, a collect button will appear. You won't get anything and there isn't a popup but it will move you to the next round.
    I accepted 17 gifts instead of 15 to see if there would be carry over and there is. This makes things easier as you won't need to stop collecting gifts in order to collect.
    The fastest way to knock this event out is to use the Get-a-Nator and collect all the gifts at once. You will need a total of 150 gifts so if you've collected over 50 gifts for the day, you will need to wait until your free gift limit resets to finish. The event has only been out for a few hours and you can see many of my mafia members already made and posted their gift links with the Link-a-Nator.

    I opened the remaining 58 Cupcakes I needed in the Bagman.
    I returned to the Home Page to collect, and my cupcake has a 5 on it and I am finished with Harold.
    Once you max out on Cupcakes or Brownies, they will convert to Mystery Bags.
    I would have liked to entirely finish the event but I hit the 200 Free Gift limit for the day. In 11 hours I can accept the rest of the Brownies I need and not have to deal with this until November 12th when the winner is decided.
    These events always have the same outcome. The timer runs out and people start freaking out that they did not receive their loot items. It usually takes a day or two (sometimes a little longer) to get the item but so far nobody has ever gotten screwed. I'm glad we can get 5 Wafflebots as the stats are awesome and it's a Henchmen. The Wafflebot is a featured character in the Harold & Kumar movie and is described as the "ultimate in baking technology".

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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    Circuit advertisement Mafia Wars: Harold & Kumars Bake Sale Gifting Event
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