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    Mafia Wars Property: The Distillery: Fun With Health

    The Distillery is the fifth property in Chicago. It unlocks once you mastery the first job in District 4 on the Bronze Level.
    The Distillery pays out with a health refill plus a bonus every 8 hours. Depending on the level, your health bonus will be 100%-325% which is applied to your total health pool.
    To collect from your Distillery, look for the "Collect All" button on the Chicago Property Page. Chicago is not on the Home Page like all the other destination properties.
    Here is an image of my health right after I collected on my Level 10 Distillery. If you do the math you can see that my health is now 4,545 + 350% of 4,545.
    If you activate your Chicago Crew Taskmaster bonus, you will get double the take on your next collection. This will refill your health plus give you a bonus of 650%.
    If you plan on pumping up your health, don't do it right before you are going to level up. Once you level, all the additional health you gained from the Distillery will disappear. You will start the new level with 100% health.
    Just for fun, I decided to waste 5 Reward Points and purchased a Double Health Boost. When activated this boost will double your total health pool for 5 minutes. To learn all the details about this health boost and how it works, go here.
    The account I used has 6,458 health.
    I purchased the Double Health boost and the health pool increased to 12,916.
    I then activated the Taskmaster Bonus and collected from the distillery which increased the health to 96,547!
    While it's fun and all to get great amounts of health, I can't think of a reason that this boost has a long term use. Sure you will stay alive a lot longer and strong fighters probably have fun with it but it's very temporary. It also allows your enemies who can kick your ass attack you many more times than normal, giving them a greater sense of satisfaction. Depending on defense statistics, this may help a few players achieve the Bulletproof achievement or get the highest possible hitlist survival time of 2 hours.

    The Distillery has made the Family Battle feature even more useless than it already is because it only takes one or two players to jack up their health and the Safe House for your opponents will never appear.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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