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    MafiaWars: The Ties That Bind Mission Complete Walkthrough

    Here is another remarkeable article regarding the complete walkthrough of The Ties That Bind Mission in MafiaWars.
    Now The Ties That Bind Mission is just like all the others. I don't mind Missions because of the experience bonuses but they are getting old. One every two weeks would be better than one right after another. The last Mission had to be planned out just so because of all the property collecting tasks. This Mission will require that you use a lot of energy as there many tasks requiring you to do Brazil jobs. There are only 7 Parts to this Mission so that's a nice break.

    Part 1
    Thorn in the Side
    Get four of your mafia members to join your Mission. Don't forget to use the Mission Crew Link or Link-a-Nator by Team Spockholm to make this task much faster.
    Activate four of you Brazil Crew positions. Make sure you activate the Lockpick Bonus because you will need it for Part 2.
    Loot 8 "Units of Brazil of Brazil Cash" from fights. You will see these units of cash slide across your fight screen. I'm not sure if they contain additional cash to what you already won for the fight or if they just represent that cash.
    Craft 2 items from your Weapons Depot. There is an 18 hour timer between crafts.

    Part 2
    Hit Him Where It Hurts
    You need to loot 12 Sonic Emitters which will drop from the Brazil District 4 job "Scout Out the City". If you've ruby mastered this job it will cost 567 energy. The drop rate is not 100% so this could cost a decent amount of energy.

    If you activated the Lockpick Bonus in part one of this Mission, you will get 2 Sonic Emitters whenever one drops. That should help with the energy costs.
    Sonic Emitters are giftable but you won't get credit for sending or accepting these gifts. I tried and it didn't work.
    Now win 15 fights. Only fights in Brazil will count and a successful Power Attack will count as 5 fights for this task. You don't get any loot rewards for this part of the Mission.

    Part 3
    Come Alone
    Get Support from your mafia 5 times.
    Clear 2 robbing Boards. You can do this in any destination. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, you just need to attempt to rob all 9 properties on the board for it to count.
    Now loot 15 Suspension Coils from the Brazil District 3 job "Bribe a Police Commandant".

    The same rules for looting the Sonic Emitter in Part 1 apply here. There are no loot rewards to collect when you complete this part of the Mission.

    Part 4
    Fight 24 opponents. It doesn't mention that your opponents have to be in Brazil but they do. You get credit if the player is already iced and when you lose the fight. You get 5 credit for 5 opponents (even though it's technically 1) if you use the Power Attack button.
    Do the Brazil District job "Auction Off a Rival's Private Island" 12 times. Each job costs 702 energy if you have ruby mastered it so your looking at about 8,424 energy to get it done (less if you get lucky and get a Top Mafia bonus).
    Declare War two times. There is an 8 hour timer between wars so plan accordingly.
    Collect from your Barracks two times. It's so annoying that they can say to collect from your Barracks when in fact you have to collect from all of your Brazil properties because there isn't an individual collection button. Make sure your stamina and energy are down before doing this or you will miss out.
    You will get 3 Jackalopes when you collect your rewards for Part 4. Thanks to all the new loot, these items can now go into the crap pile.

    Part 5
    Kid's Got Spunk
    The first objective was auto clicked for me. I don't know if I got credit for extra clicks the last time I asked for support from my mafia or if there is another bug like the last Mission and need to ask your mafia for a specific item which I already had. Anyways, I'm not complaining.
    Take out 20 Influential Politicians which can be found on the Brazil fightlist. Each on costs 6 stamina to attack and you will notice they are now orange and easier to spot on the fightlist.
    Do the Brazil District 1 job "Assassinate a Politician at a Museum Gala" 25 times. At 189 energy, this seemed like a treat. It will cost 4,725 energy. I'm getting mad that I haven't gotten any of the Ruby Level Loot for any of the Brazil jobs this Mission has required. There are no loot rewards.

    Part 6
    Caving In

    Loot 20 Ranger Body Armors. We get options of how we want to do it this time.
    You can do the Brazil District 3 job "Pilfer from a Rebel Supply House".
    If you aren't into wasting a lot of energy, you can loot them from fighting.
    For those who asked Zynga to make Railgun Barrels more avaialble, you can get 12 of them from robbing.
    Railguns will drop in any destination that you choose to rob in. The bad news is once you get 12, they go back to the sucky drop rate.
    Do the Brazil District 4 job "Wipe Out a Favela Street Gang" 12 times. If you are ruby mastered, this will cost 7,452 energy.
    Now purchase two items from your Black Market. It's sad that the best thing you can buy is the Antler Cannon which has stats of 44/75. Zynga really should consistently update all the features that offer loot and keep it current. It seems like a waste.
    The loot reward is 2 Night on the Towns. This is great for no but will soon become obsolete for players who max out on Fight Club loot.
    Part 7
    Inside Woman

    The last part of this Mission requires that you activate 5 Brazil Crew positions. Some players are having issues with this. Not all activations are counting towards the task. If this happens to you, either wait 8 hours and try again or contact Customer Support.
    Take out 20 Overzealous Guards from the Brazil fightlist. Each one costs 8 stamina to attack.
    Finally, loot 12 Portable Fusion Reactors from the Brazil District 4 job "Demolish a Rooftop Helipad". Each job costs 594 energy so make sure you activate your Lockpick bonus.
    Each job costs 594 energy so make sure you activate your Lockpick bonus. I forgot but was lucky and got 3 Brazil Ruby Loot items.

    When you collect your rewards, you will get the Glamour Helmet with stats of 62/150.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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