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    Mafia Wars: Robbing The New Chicago Properties

    The recent addition of the Distillery and the Docks has given the Chicago Robing Board some variety. There are now 3 properties to rob instead of just the Truck Shop. he Distillery and the Docks both cost 20 stamina to rob. Robbing is not recommended in Chicago because the experience/stamina ratios are very low and there is little benefit.

    In addition to experience and possibly loot, the Distillery pays out +5 Health.

    The health is added to your remaining health and doesn't last very long. In the example below, I robbed 2 Distilleries and got +10 health.

    The health is added to your remaining health and not your total. The extra health point shown came from regeneration which is 1 point every 2 minutes and 30 seconds if you have New York mastered. Players who like to stay dead to avoid attacks shouldn't rob in Chicago.

    I did a targeted robbing run using Robber Redeux by Team Spockholm and started it when my heath was at 7.

    My health jumped up and down through out the run but after robbing 68 Distilleries, my health was at 124. I don't see any benefits to this as it only puts you out there to get iced. I don't think it's enough to help you say alive on the hitlist but it could possibly help.

    If you successfully rob a Docks, there is a chance you may get a Rob Squad.

    The Rob Squads you collect will be added to your inventory even if you are at the full capacity of 50. The same is true of the Rob Squads you collect from your own Docks. I did another targeted run and only got 4 Rob Squads after robbing 116 Docks.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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