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    Mafia Wars: New Henchmen Fight Loot Drop Rates 29-10-2011

    Fight High End Loot (FHEL) was introduced a few days back. It was less than desirable but it was nice to have some loot that increased most of our stats. It was a unexpected and pleasant surprise when a 9th generation of FHEL was introduced 2 days ago.

    October 17th

    October 27th
    What makes this generation of FHEL so special is it includes 2 Henchmen, one attack and one defense, with decent stats. We haven't had many opportunities to acquire a lot of Henchmen with good stats and this has made fighting fun again. Due to the Zombie theme of this loot, many are wondering if these items are permanently available or will the disappear once the Zombie Apocalypse Event is over. I've seen two different responses from Customer Support transcripts but I think they will say as Zynga added them to the Fight Rewards Page and have not told us they were available for a limited time. Although the loot is referred to as fighting loot, it drops when fighting and robbing. In fights, you will see it slide across your Fight Module like all the other loot.

    When robbing, t will drop randomly through individual robs or be given as a bonus when you clear a Robbing Board.

    I did a few runs and the drop rates seem to be about the same as older fighting loot. Like always, FHEL drops best in Brazil and Chicago if you attack players who are in the same destination. You will get far less ices but 5X the loot. Here are the settings I use on my Assassin-a-Nator if all I care about is acquiring loot. I check "Cash from same city" and set the health and target attack limits to zero.
    I used 100,177 stamina and got 220 Henchmen (my bad, I forgot to capture the other new FHEL items). This puts the stamina cost to Henchmen at about 455.
    I did a smaller run of 13,47 stamina in New York and got a total of 33 henchman. This comes out to about 1 henchman item per 408 stamina. Maybe it's my filters but the loot per stamina costs were actually better in New York. Loot drops are totally random and there are many variables so it's hard to judge anything from the data of one set of runs.
    I used 11,179 stamina robbing in New York and only got 5 Henchmen. The drop rates are much lower when robbing and only benefit the serial levelers when it comes to maxing out on fight loot.
    To see how many henchmen you will use and how many points they will add to your equipment score, check out the Spockholm Analyzer. Click on "Show item suggestions" and then "Hiding Marketplace items" for attack and defense.

    To quickly view how many fight loot items you own, use the Inventory Group Spocklet. The latest FHEL items were added to the FHEL7 tab (but this is the 9th generation of FHEL).

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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