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    MafiaWars: The Checklist Version 2 Update

    Team Spockholm has done it again. The Checklist got a major update to version 2.0. If you want to know more about the checklist, please read this post about the version 1.0.
    So, what is new? The UI was updated with a configuration menu where you can add and remove tasks, create and share your own tasks and set options for the display. Under the hood the Checklist now saves its status to the Dom Storage, which reduces the risk of having a too large cookie.

    Lets take a look at the changes.
    As you see, the configuration has moved to a dialog just like the Assassin-a-nator. Only the icons for help, config, close and the function to move Mafia Wars are still there.
    If you click the config button, you'll see the new configuration dialog:
    In the upper left corner, you can set the settings for the Checklist. This is just like the old settings. Show seconds shows you the exact timer instead of minutes, scrolling allows players with a small screen or lots of items to use scrolling in the checklist, and the sorting by remaining time.

    Next to it you can see a short FAQ with answers to the most frequent questions. Click on the link to open the answers.
    Lets take a look at the list of items. You'll see the ones you are using in green and the disabled ones in red. You have three categories of items. The standard items that you already know from version 1, a tab for your own items and a tab for Fan Library items. In the columns behind the name you see basic information about each item. The re-occurrence, target and update. They are more interesting when you start creating your own items.

    Clicking on the name adds or removes them from the Checklist. When they are added back, you lose your timing, as they are always added as unchecked. But this is not a serious problem, as you can now manually set the timer for all "every xxx hours" events by clicking on the yellow clock item in the list. Just enter the remaining time and the due timer will be set.
    In the next tab "Own Items" you will see nothing right now. Click on "Add new Item", "Add item from code" or click on the "copy" symbol of any item in the "Standard Items"-Tab to create your own.
    You will see the "Edit item" dialog come up.
    Here you can enter or edit the information for your item. Description is the name that appears in the list.
    Re-occurence defines when this task is due. You can select between following options:
    You can set an item to a time span, i.e. every 4 hours, or to a specific time of the day. For easier sharing they are saved as Zynga Standard Time, that is PST. Midnight local time is the time when your gift limits are reset. Manual selection means the user can choose the interval by clicking on the little "swirl" behind the item in the Checklist.

    For the action, there are also different options:
    The ingame-links are not easy to handle and require in-depth knowledge of the system. It is recommended that you only copy them from other items or better not mess with them at all. The Spocklet-option can of course contain any bookmarklet url, but Spockholm bookmarklets are recommended. External websites will automatically load in a new window/tab when clicked.

    The "Update" field is the id of an html element where an item can be updated from by clicking on the "swirl".

    Now save your item, click it and it will be added to your Checklist.
    Of course you now want to share it with your friends! To do so, click on the "export" item in the list and post it to your wall.
    You can import items by copying the code, clicking "Add item from code" and pasting the code there and clicking "save".
    Try it now, here is a code:


    Later, if enough people use this to make their own items, there will be a Fan Library of useful items that you can import directly from the configuration page!

    Of course the Checklist Server has also been updated to Version 2!
    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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