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    Mafia Wars: Tips to To Get 80 Icing Event Points The Easy Way

    In order to get the best loot items for the Zombie Apocalypse Event, you need a score of 80.

    If you are a Human Survivor, you get 1 point for icing another Human ans 3 points for icing a Zombie. The opposite applies if you are a Zombie.

    The Zombie waves are suppose to take around 30 minutes each. When 90% of the Mafia Wars population gets infected and are converted to Zombies, the wave is over. There is no timer but you can tell where the wave is approximately at by the status of Low, High or Critical. This information can be found on the Fight Page and the Home Page Module.

    If you're not a fast or powerful fighter, it's not easy to get 80 points in the span of one wave. The good news is there is no Bully Throttle so you can attack your mini to quickly get the points you need. Some call this cheating, I call it being creative. Zynga probably likes it as firing up a mini adds to the MAU and DAU stats. To demonstrate the lack of a Bully Throttle for this event, I put my mini account on autoheal.
    I then added the profile link to the filter of the Assassin-a-Nator and selected the "Target List" Mode. If you enlarge the image, you can see that it took 28 minutes to get 50 ices.
    Here are all the ice popups and each one counted towards my Zombie score.
    I then did some manual attacking to see if there was a Bully Throttle and get an idea of how each ice or kill was applied to my total score. After my first manual ice, my score was 75. It's easy to see what your score is because it's directly above the Fight Module.
    The next ice brought my score to 76.
    I got a kill and it raised my score to 79. I'm not sure where the 3rd point came from. I have seen many complaints of the scores not being accurate but I wasn't complaining about this one. You can see below that my mini somehow converted to a Human. This is another thing that players are reporting and I can't figure out a reason.
    I decided that I wanted a Ruby Apocalypse Bike so when the status got to Critical, I converted myself back to a Survivor Human.
    To do this, by an Antidote for 7 Reward Points and hope the wave ends before somebody gets you. I don't recommend this method but if you have to have a Ruby Level Apocalypse Bike and can't last an entire wave without getting infected, this is the only way.
    To help the odds that I wouldn't get iced, I used a Power Pack to double my health. You can use a Power Pack for health regeneration every 10 minutes. I also stopped fighting and put myself on auto-heal. You could also ice yourself through attacking but this is risky if your health regenerates to 21. Either way you have to stay on top of it.

    Thankfully nobody was able to ice me before the wave ended and I got my bike. It was a lot of work for one loot item.
    If you look at the stats of the current Family Boss Fight Loot, there are 4 items (6 if you count the rare items that are only myths) that have higher attack values than the Apocalypse Bike. I would focus on using your stamina on these rather than trying to get as many bikes as possible.
    If you are into getting as many zombie items as possible, Team Spockholm has updated the Inventory Group Spocklet to include the Zombie Apocalypse items. You can also see how many points each item will raise your equipment scores. I can say that an increase of only +16 to my attack score is not worth 7 Reward Points. This event would have been much better if the items were Henchmen and offered a little more. From here on out, I will be fighting as I normally do and won't be concerned with how many of these loot items I get.

    Credits: MWLOOTLADY

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