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    Mafia Wars: The Zombie Apocalypse Icing Event Complete Guide

    Here are the in game instructions and a list of the loot item rewards to make things easier. We will be dealing with this for the next 10 days which will put the end of it on November 4th.
    The first thing you should notice is that all of the destinations have a Zombie scratch on them. I guess this is suppose to make us more scared.
    The Hospital has also turned into The Morgue.

    You can tell what you are by looking at the Home Page Module.

    Human Survivor


    The Fight Page will also clue you in to your position and let you know how many points you will get for each ice.

    Human Survivor


    To track your progress, look on the fight page above where your stats are located.
    Human Survivor

    When you become infected, your label will change and your Fight Module will turn red. You can't miss it as there will be a huge "Infected" over your name.
    You will also get a popup alerting you to your change in status.
    You will see a big H or Z next to your name on the Fight Module so there should be no question as to which "team" you are on.

    Human Survivor

    Profiles on the fightlist will have a H or a Z next to them so you will know which targets to go after. To get the most points, go for the targets that are the opposite of you. When the wave first starts, there are many more Survivors than Zombies.
    Start of Wave

    Near End of Wave
    Ice as normal but try to get the targets that are your opposites. There are things you can buy from the Marketplace to help you but I haven't tested them out. If you get infected, you can buy and Antidote for 7 Reward Points. This will make you a Human Survivor again and give you 2 minutes of protection.

    If you are a Human Survivor, you can buy Protection for 3 Reward Points and it will keep you safe from one ice. I haven't stayed a Human for very long so haven't had a chance to test this one out.

    The ice and kill notifications have changed.
    Human Survivor Ice

    Zombie Ice

    Human Survivor Kill

    Zombie Kill

    If a player is already iced, it will say "Too Late! Victory Stolen!".

    The ice postings are also different and will reflect if you are a Human Survivor or s Zombie.

    Human Survivor


    When the wave is complete, you will get a popup with your loot item reward. I didn't do so well and got a Silver Level Braincase. Maybe next time.
    TOKO of the {ASS} Family did much better and was able to stay a Human Survivor for the entire wave and score at least 80 points.

    Here is a chart from the Zynga Customer Support Page that lists the levels for each side and the scores you need to achieve to get them.
    The color or your status marker at the end of the wave will reflect which loot item you get.

    Credits: MWLOOTLADY

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