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    Mafia Wars: Money On The Water: Mission Complete Walk Through

    Another Mafia Wars Mission is out after a bit long time. The Money On The River Limited Time Mission is active now for the MW Gamers. There are 14 days to get it done and most players should have any problems completing it. The loot items aren't all that great and the majority of the asks are in Chicago. The Mission is lead by the Zombie of Joe Castellano but there aren't any special Zombie tasks. It's just your typical run of the mill Mission. I would not use any Reward Ponts to finish this thing. 14 days is a long time.

    Part 1
    Camptown Races
    The first task was auto-checked for me but all you need to do is get 4 people to join your Chicago Crew. You will also get credit for accepting requests from your mafia.
    Buy one useless item from your Warehouse and you are done. There is a 23 hour timer between Warehouse purchases so if you regularly buy these items you may have to wait to move on.
    The loot reward is about as useful as those Warehouse items. If you are into them, you will be happy because you get 3.

    Part 2
    Collect from your Truck Shop. You can do this once every 8 hours. My Clams keep disappearing so I don't bother to routinely collect from it.
    Ice 12 Opponents. The "Go Now" button will take you to the Chicago fightlist but you can ice in any destination. To save stamina, go anywhere but Chicago or Brazil.
    Do the Chicago District 1 job Dodge the Guards 30 times. You can see by the Spockholm Toolbar that the ratio of this job totally sucks so it may through your leveling off. There are no loot rewards for this part of the Mission. At least there is an experience bonus to make up for the poor ratio.

    Part 3
    Forward Biased
    Ask you mafia for 5 Manila Envelopes. All you need to do here is click on the "Ask Now" button, click "Share", do a Hail Mary and hope that it works. We often see these parts of the Mission don't work and players get stuck and have to go to Customer Support.
    Loot 20 Sonny Suits. This item was from the Marketplace Miami Vice collection. Hopefully you didn't buy too many of these as they are now useless and even giftable.
    Clicking on the "Go Now" button will take you to District 2 in Chicago. If you scan the job page you will see only the job has the Sonny's Suit icon is Case Warehouses on the North Side. The job costs 378 energy on the Ruby Level and the drop rate isn't ideal.
    I tried other jobs in different destinations bu it looks like they fixed this favorable bug. I also tried gifting these items from another account and it doesn't work. The gifting/reverse gifting bug has been fixed for a while but it never hurts to try. Activate the Taskmaster bonus to ensure you get double loot items and it will go by faster.
    Now take out 1 Warf Patrol from the fightlist. I was going to show a cool new Spocklet made to take out non-players in Missions but since there is only 1 it will have to wait.
    The Warf Patrol costs 15 stamina to attack and I don't think it's possible to lose.
    The loot rewards are 1 Fur Collar Vest and 4 Lounge Lizards. Pffffttttt!

    Part 4
    An Offer He Can't Refuse

    Get support from your mafia 5 times. Remember to use the Mission Crew Link Spocklet which will generate a news feed post for you. Also do another Hail Mary and hope it works. If your mafia are accepting your requests but you don't get credit, you're going to have to go to Customer Support.

    Clear 5 Robbing Boards. The "Go Now" button will take you to Chicago but if you want a better experience/stamina ratio, it's best to go elsewhere. All destinations will count.

    Fight 40 opponents in Chicago. Win, losses and already iced players will count and each Power Attack counts as 5 fights. There are no loot rewards for this part of the Mission.

    Part 5

    Or Maybe He Can

    We need to loot 20 Locksmiths. These are Hanchmen and most will find they are active.

    The "Go Now" button takes you to Chicago and you will see the Locksmith icon on all the jobs.

    If you are low on energy, they will also drop in New York. Even the job that costs 1 energy will spit them out.

    Now collect the useless Robber's Utility Belt from fights. If these came with the +6 stamina I would be loving this task.

    They drop pretty quickly from fights in any destination.

    The final item to loot from robbing is the Bisect. This one isn't much better than the last.

    These would not drop for me in New York but I've heard from others that they do. I got them all from robbing in Chicago. There are no loot rewards. I guess they felt the Robber's Utility Belts and Bisects were reward enough.

    Part 6
    Hit Hard To Knock Hard

    Loot more useless loot, this time the Freighter, from robbing.

    Talk about not mixing it up a bit. We just do this in the last part!

    Make two items from your Speakeasy. If you are fully upgraded, you can make 6 items so this shouldn't slow many down. There is a 18 hour timer between when you can make your 1-6 items so if you do it before you get to this part you may have to wait.

    Do the Chicago District 3 job "Stuff Local Cop's Pockets with Greens" 16 times. This one will require some energy if you are on the Ruby Level.

    The loot reward is 2 Hotsy Totsy's.

    Part 7
    The Last Stand

    Rob 20 times. It has to be in Chicago and you have to win for the robbery to count.

    You have to win 20 fights in Chicago.

    Declare a war 3 times and you are finished. There is a 8 hour timer between wars or you can buy them off for 4 Reward Points each. There are no loot rewards.

    Part 8
    My Way or the Highway

    Activate any 5 of your Chicago Crew Positions. Again do a Hail Mary and hope they count. If not, it's time to go to Customer Support again.

    Collect from your Truck Shop 3 times. You can do this once every 8 hours.

    The loot item is the Grand Prize which still puzzles me. If they are going to make this into a Zombie/Scary Mission then why such a lame loot item. Maybe I don't enough about Otters to understand.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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