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    Mafia Wars: How To Create Daily Take Links

    Now that the auto-bots and scanners that automatically collect are getting all the good Daily Take items, it's time to take matters into your own hands and share yours with those you want to have them. The method is the same one we've been using with wars and level up bonuses. When you get a Daily Take that has something worth sharing, collect the item you want and proceed as normal. Once you select your item, wait for the popup and click on the "Share this take" button.
    A news feed post will be generated. It's important you don't publish it to your wall.
    Right click on the blue link that says "XXX wants to let you choose a (Golden) daily take reward and select "Copy link address" in Chrome or "Copy link location" in Fire Fox and click the cancel button on the feed request.
    Now that you have the link copied you can paste it to those you want to share it with. Either post it in your group pages or send it directly to a friend. To demonstrate, I logged into my energy account and added the link into my browser. I was able to grab the defense point before any bots got to it first.

    This is a good reason o bother collecting Daily Takes on your alternate accounts. It will get you a few extra skill points each week. Collect the crappy items and share he good ones with yourself and your favorite players. You can accept up to 5 Daily Takes a day and it's a good idea to start small groups where members can share their links. When posting to walls, it always best to shorten the links as Facebook doesn't always like the giant links. Just like the war and level up links, they are static so you can go to old posts if you need to create a new link.

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