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    MafiaWars: Ice Season Review

    There is a Current Event Module on the Home Page that somewhat tracks your progress (it fails to tell your total number of ices but you can calculate them based on your ice count for the tier and the rewards shown below).
    The question mark gives a few details. This event will be a recurring weekly thing and the mastery rewards will not be given until the current event is over. We will get badges that will appear next to our Mafia Wars name. The most interesting thing is that frequent ices on the same target will be "melted" and not count towards the event.
    We get different types of rewards as we progress through the each tier of mastery. When you reach a certain number of ices on each tier, you get the rewards listed below.

    The rewards will be shown on the bottom of the Fight Module with all the other rewards. If you click too fast, you will probably miss them.

    You also get the mastery item but that won't be added to your inventory until the event is over.

    If you attack the same target too many times, the Bully Throttle is triggered and further ices to that target will not count towards mastery.
    I'm not sure what the number is but it seems like quite a few. I attacked my energy account with a different energy account that had not attacked anybody else and was able to get to the third level of the Gold Tier with 5 more ices needed to get to the forth level. This calculates to be a total of 55 ices.
    Kills count for two ices towards mastery. You can see in the screens below that I had 5 ices and after the kill, I had 7.

    We have a little over 6 days to get as many ices as possible and it's not going to be easy. The fightlist is about 90% dead and if you're lucky enough to find a living target, somebody usually steals your ice. If you use the Assassin-a-Nator and all you care about is ices, it's best to fight in any destination except Brazil, turn the Revenge option off, reduce the number of attacks to the same target, and uncheck "Cash from same city". We've tested this and you get more ices with the Revenge feature disabled. The reason is that many of the players who steal your ices are also using the Assassin-a-Nator and are auto healing so you end up spending more stamina to ice them.

    Thanks to Kent from the Mafia Wars Gods for the Diamond Level screen shot. I'm not quite there yet!

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