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    MafiaWars: Family Module Updates

    There were a few updates involving the Family Module. The first is in the statistics box. You are now told how many members are in the Family. Zynga must have checked out the Family Info bookmarklet by Team Spockholm.

    The Free Gift System now gives you the option to send gifts to all players in your Family. Look for your Family name in one of the sending options.
    There is now a Family Rivals at the bottom of your Rivals Page.
    When someone adds a player to this list, all Family members will have that player on the list. To add someone to your Family Rivals list, go to their profile page and select "Add to Family Rivals". Only the Godfather/Godmother and Underbosses will see this and have the option to add players to the Family Rivals list.
    That player will then appear on the Family Rival list and will be visible to all members in your Family.
    I added a few players and viewed my Family Rival list from two different accounts in the same Family. Only the person who added players to the list are able to remove them by clicking on the red minus sign.

    To move your Family Rivals list to the top of the fightlist click on the green up arrow.
    The Godfather and Underbosses now have the ability to give any member of the Family a title of their choice. Look for a little pencil icon next to the current title to change it.
    Click on the pencil and change the title to whatever you want. The only limit is it can't be more than 20 characters. They neglected to add a swear filter so skies the limit.
    I changed that pretty fast and added a different title. Click the green swirly arrow to save your changes and the red x to cancel them. If a player wants their title of Soldier to be changed they will have to ask the Godfather or an Underboss to do it for them. I can see Families having fun with this feature.

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