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    Mafia Wars: The Mercenary Crew Bonuses

    With all the boo hooing over the Crime Spree removal, it's time to take a look at another way to gain a small amount of experience when you are close to leveling up. Players miss the 5 small energy or stamina bonuses that the Crime Spree provided but it's not coming back and they need to accept it.

    We could always start a Get Satisfaction thread and beg our friends to "like" and "+1" it....oh....maybe not.
    There is an often overlooked way to get a small amount of experience and players who have been ignoring it won't miss the Crime Spree as much. The Brazil and Chicago Mercenary bonuses each offer 50 free attacks. What make these better than the Crime Spree bonuses is there is never wasted stamina and it's a lot easier to activate.

    To demonstrate how much experience you can get from these bonuses, I activated them when I was close (but not too close) to leveling.
    I went to Brazil first and attacked someone 50 times. Each Power Attacks will count as 5 of your 50 free attacks. I was able to use them all on the same person. You can see I got 525 free experience points.
    It's best to make sure you hit live targets that you can beat to get the most experience. Players who are already iced or those you can't beat will yield less experience.

    I double checked to make sure that the experience was applied and it was.
    I then traveled to Chicago and did the same thing and got an additional 550 experience points. Normally I plan this out so that I will level with these bonuses but I made sure I wouldn't so it would be easier to track the experience gained. You can activate the Brazil and Chicago Mercenary positions once every 8 hours.
    In an ideal world we would still have a way to get the Crime Spree bonuses in addition to the Crew bonuses but we all know Zynga goes out of their to nerf things. We jut need to improvise. Those who haven't been taking advantage of the Mercenary bonuses can now use it as a replacement, those who have been will just have to deal with another nerf.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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