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    Mafia Wars: How To Get More Crew Members

    Before Bandits were added to the game, not much thought went into getting Crew Members or keeping the queue filled. When you ran out, you asked for more, it was that easy. Bandits are now rampant and have caused grief for many players. The capacity of the Crew Member queue was recently increased to 32 but many are having a hard time keeping up with the Bandits. Some believe Bandits were added to stop script users. Soon after their introduction, Team Spockholm updated Repeat Job to eliminate them. Last night Martin added some code to count them for us as well.

    It appears the Bandit drop rate is about 10% of the total number of jobs you do (this will vary with accounts but is close to this number). I did 304 jobs and 30 of them dropped Bandits. The counter on Repeat Job will list the total number and then the breakdown is in the parenthesis. Job Bandits are shown in Yellow, Experience Bandits in Blue and Cash Bandits in Dark Green.

    All I know is that I never had a need to use Repeat Job. I only have 7,000 energy and doing jobs manually was something I used to enjoy. It was somewhat therapeutic and relaxing. Zynga seems to find ways to make things that were once enjoyable a chore and because of the Bandits, I now use scripts to do jobs. Bandits are especially annoying if you don’t have members in your queue to eliminate them. You have to stop doing job and start begging.

    The queue is common to Brazil, Chicago and London but unfortunately so is the “Ask” button.

    You can ask for Crew Members by clicking the “Ask” button once every hour. Once you ask from any destination, all 3 buttons become shadowed. Another flaw in this system is the requests are only good for the first 10 players who click on them. The queue holds 32 members so the requests should be good for 32 players.

    If your “Ask” button is shadowed and you run out of Crew Members, you can ask for them through the gifting system. To do this, you have to open up the queue by clicking on the yellow arrow next to the “Ask” button and then click on the “Recruit” button.

    Then you have to wait for the Send Page to load, select up to 50 players and send the requests. The worst part about this system is you also have to wait for players to accept your requests. Because of ZMC bumping and gift limits, this often doesn’t happen. One good thing about Crew Requests is they don’t count towards your 250 gifts a day but once players hit their limit, they tend not to visit the ZMC.

    To bypass all the clicking this takes, you can use the Gift Blaster to send these requests. The idea is to send a lot of them to increase the odds that they will be accepted in a timely fashion. Each time a request is accepted by another player, they are added to your queue. A strategy for players who have a lot of energy is to Gift Blast Crew Requests prior to running jobs and hope your Crew Members are replenished as you use them to get rid of the Bandits.

    Another way you can get Crew Members is to accept requests from your ZMC.

    If you get the message “You have been added to friend’s queue!”, that player also becomes part of your queue (assuming yours isn’t full).

    The last and probably easiest way to get more Crew Members is to look for requests in your news feeds. If you click on them and are added to a players queue, they get added to yours.

    Before I clicked on the request shown above and had 7 Crew Members in my queue.

    Once I joined, my Crew Member count was 8.

    Searching the news feeds is never fun and can be a long and slow process. To streamline this activity and make things easier, use the Stream Scanner by Team Spockholm. Once you run your scan, use the search feature to group all of the Crew Member requests together. Type in the “books” in the search bar and choose the “Description” category.

    The use the “Click Links” button and all the scanned requests will be clicked on. For everyone that says “You have been added to the Crew queue!”, you get a Crew Member added to yours.

    It didn’t take much time to fill up my queue and get back to using Repeat Job! For those who have a lot of energy and need more than 32 Bandits, I suppose you could click the links in one window and do jobs in another. I haven’t tried this as I don’t have a high energy account with a large enough mafia. Doing things in multiple windows is also something that puts your account at risk for being flagged. Until Zynga starts doing something about script abuse, I wouldn’t worry about it. There are much worse things being done at the moment.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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