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    MafiaWars: Jackpot Mission Complete Walk Through

    The Jackpot Mission is just like all the others before it. The loot along the way is a little better and this Mission focuses mostly on New York and you get a lot of New York cash as part of the rewards. Not nearly enough to touch the What's After Trillion achievement but more than you would expect. You would think that a Mission called Jackpot would have a lot of involvement with Las Vegas but there is only one task to do there. There are 10 days to do the Mission but there are quite a few parts that could slow players down.

    Part 1
    For Love or Money
    Do the New York Capo job "Steal Bank Records" ten times.
    Declare one war. It doesn't matter if you win or lose the war, you just need to declare it.
    Now take out 10 Mob Connections found on the New York fightlist. Each one costs 2 stamina to attack.
    The loot reward is a Emu which is will be an active item for most players. This is way better than the crap we are used to seeing with prior Missions.

    Part 2
    Dirty Money
    Ask you mafia for 5 Manila Envelopes. Generate your request right from the Missions Page by clicking "Ask Now". You can ask once every 2 hours. I only got 4 out of the 5 for this Mission. I could have contacted Customer Support but decided to just buy it off for 4 Reward Points.
    Do the District 2 Las Vegas job "Help A Bookie Out of A Jam" 10 times. If you mastered this job on the Ruby level, it costs 108 energy.
    Clear 3 robbing boards in any destination and you are done. There are no loot rewards for this part of the Mission.

    Part 3
    Partners in Crime

    Collect on your Uptown Hotel 3 times. Uptown Hotels can only be collected on once every 24 hours so this may slow some people down.
    Do the New York Enforcer Tier job "Wiretap the Cops" ten times. The job only cost 27 energy but you need Wiretap Devices to do each one.
    Wiretap Devices can be made in the same tier or you can put them on your wishlist.
    If you can find 3 wars to help in before the bots this task will be easy. If not it may take some time. Even if you lose, you still get credit for helping.
    There are no loot rewards but you get 4 Hired Guns. Somebody out there probably needs them.

    Part 4

    The Numbers Game
    Do the New York Enforcer Tier job "Rob and Electronics Store" 20 times.
    Build three Armory items. There is a 18 hour timer between crafts which you can speed up for 12 Reward Points. You could also buy off the entire objective for 15 Reward Points but you won't get the benefit of the skill points for crafting Armory items.
    You get 2 Huecuvas for completing all tasks in this part of the Mission. These will help a lot of players. They didn't do much for me as they aren't active in my inventory.

    Part 5
    Watching Your Back
    Collect on your Flophouse one time. The Flophouse can be collected once every 8 hours.
    Activate four Crew Member slots in Brazil. There is a 8 hour timer between Crew Member activation so try not to activate at least four of them before you get to this task.
    The last task in this part of the Mission is bugged. It says to "Get Support from your mafia" but it's not what you think.
    When I attempted to generate my Mission Crew link, Team Spockholm told me that I didn't have a Mission available.
    I clicked on the "Ask Now" button, I got a news feed post asking my mafia for Sets of Documents. This is what you need to do to complete the Mission. I just knew Team Spockholm wasn't wrong.
    The loot reward is one Monofin. That's cool!

    Part 6
    Back To Work
    Collect from your Brazil Headquarters one time. Since there aren't individual collection buttons, make sure you have used most of your energy and stamina and aren't close to leveling. When collecting on this property, you will collect on your Refinery and Barracks as well.
    Do the New York Hitman Tier job "Reel the Yakuza" 20 times.

    Win a war and you are done. You can get credit for a war that you help with if you are the person to attack the last target. Otherwise you'll have to wait until you declare and win one of your own wars. There are no loot rewards for this part of the Mission.

    Part 7
    Just One More?
    Take out 25 Former Allies on the fightlist. Each one costs 3 stamina to attack.
    Do the New York Associate Tier job "Take Out a Rogue Cop" 20 times.
    The loot reward is three Prison Chain Whips. These should help everybody.

    Part 8
    Ticket Please
    Collect from your Mega Casino 2 times. Mega Casinos can only be collected on once every 48 hours so it's important to plan this one out or you could find yourself short on time.
    Rob 6 Mega Casinos. This could take a while from the robbing board but robbing individuals will count as well.
    Declare two wars and you're done with this part of the Mission. There are no loot item rewards.

    Part 9
    Winner Winner
    The first task requires that you travel to Brazil. If you are already there, you will get credit. I'm not sure how many Reward Points it would cost for this but I can't imagine there is someone out there that lazy. Task two requires that you activate 8 Crew Members in Brazil.
    Task three is the same thing as in Part 5. It says to get "Support from your mafia" but when click on "Ask Now" you get a news feed post asking your mafia for a set of Documents.
    Now just win 40 fights and you'll get the Grand Prize loot item, the Splint Cycle and $100,000,000,000 New York cash.

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