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    Mafia Wars: Martial Arts Dojo

    The 5th Limited Time Upgrade Constructed Property is the Martial Arts Dojo. This thing would be pretty cool if we haven't been doing this for the past 4 weeks!

    Like all the others, you start out with a platform and you have to spam your way to Level 10. There are 7 days to get it done.
    The building parts needed for the Martial Arts Dojo are the Treated Lumber, Cordless Drill and Galvanized Steel. You can also ask for "Any Part" from the Home Page.

    You can also use the Mission Crew Link Spocklet to post a request on your wall.
    As you get enough item, upgrade as quickly as possible so your requests don't get stalled.
    As long as you disable auto-posting, the method to request building parts outlined will work. Jeff Sanford of the {ASS} family got to Level 10 in 27 minutes.
    The 10 items you can craft are shown below. I'm glad the top item is a Henchmen and it has pretty good stats along with +3 Attack. This will definitely be included in one of my 5 crafts a day. The Nun Chucks come with +2 Stamina.

    There are items in the inventory for a 6th Limited Time Constructed Property and I really hope they cool it with these things after that. It seems there isn't enough room for more.

    ource: MWLOOTLADY

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