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    Mafia Wars: Get A Grip: Mission Complete Walk Through

    The Get A Grip Mission consists of 8 Parts. None are very difficult but there are only 5 days to complete it. The Grand Prize is early access to a Limited Time Secret District in Brazil. There are some good loot item rewards along the way.

    Part 1
    The Nerve of Some People
    Go all the back to the and do the Street Thug Tier and do the job "Chase Away Thugs" 20 times. You will spend a whooping total of 20 energy and get 20 experience. This isn't even nostalgic because they changed the layout for the first tier a long time ago.
    Declare a war one time. This was problematic for many players as it was hard to find someone on the hitlist who wasn't already in a war.
    For your efforts you get a Leg Up which is a war loot item. Guess they are feeling guilty for stealing our war loot.

    Part 2
    Worse Than Expected
    Help in 5 wars if you can. The bots are still out in full force so it may take a while.
    Craft one item from your Weapons Depot and your Armory to complete task numbers 2 and 3. This may throw a wrench in your Family Progress strategy but do what you gotta do. There is a 18 hour timer between New York buildable property crafts. There are no loot item rewards.

    Part 3
    Out of Control
    Get support from your mafia X6, but it's not what you think. Don't try to make a Mission Crew link or you will be wasting your time. Click on the "Ask Now" button and you will get a news feed post asking for Backpacks. Some players are having uses with this one. If you don't get your Backpacks, make sure you request them from mafiawars.com and not Facebook.
    Fight 40 opponents. You have to fight them in New York. Losses and already iced targets count. The Power Attack button will count as 5.
    Craft a vehicle from your Chop Shop and your done with Part 3.

    Part 4
    Bait and Switch
    Travel to Italy. You can't even buy this task off with Reward Points. The lazy players will have to do some work.
    Do the Region 6 job in Italy "Replace the Dock Workers" 10 times. If you are Ruby mastered the job will cost 162 energy for a total of 1,620 energy.
    Now purchase an item from your Port. There is a 23 hour timer between Port purchases.
    You get a Blood Tiger with stats of 57/95 for completing Part 4.

    Part 5
    Source of Discomfort
    Take out 12 Spies. Find them on the fightlist and each one cost 5 stamina points to attack.
    Declare another war and you are done. There are no loot rewards for this part of the Mission.

    Part 6
    City Tracking
    Travel to Brazil. How easy is that?
    Do the District 1 job "Ask an Informant About Local Crime Activity" 20 times. On ruby mastery the job costs 81 energy so you will spend a total of 1,620 energy.
    Now activate 8 Brazil Crew positions. Each position has an 8 hour timer between activation intervals for so if you have some cooking you may need to wait a bit.
    You get 2 Loki's Helmets for your reward. This may look familiar because it was an old Lucky Stash loot item.

    Part 7
    Smuggler's Haven
    Take out 20 Rival Smugglers. Each Smuggler costs 8 stamina to attack.
    Get support from your mafia X8. Use the Mission Crew bookmarklet to make this task easy. If you find that you aren't getting credit for Mission Crew spots even though players are accepting your requests, contact Customer Support.
    Do the Brazil District 5 job "Take Over a Shipyard" 15 times. This one costs 756 energy for a total of 11,340.
    There are no loot item rewards but you get 5 Hired Guns. Woo Hoo

    Part 8
    A Long Conversation
    Rob 27 times in Brazil. You can rob individual properties or use the Robbing Board. Use a Rob Squad and get credit for 9 robberies with one click (assuming you win).
    Help in 5 wars again.
    Now you need to win 1 war. You can either declare a war and win it or be the last person to help in a war. If you win you will credit for a win and it will count as helping.
    The loot item reward is a Grip 950 Special. Not too shabby, but the rewards get better...
    Go to your Brazil Job Page and click on the "Secret Districts" button. You Smuggler's Haven will be available for a little over 19 days.
    Here is a look at the jobs. Stay tuned for a more detailed post.

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