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    Mafia Wars: By The Bookie The Complete Walkthrough

    The new LImited Time Secret District is called By The Bookie and is based in Brazil. There is a new twist and a Boss Fight and Bandits were added to the mix. I will review those in more detail as time permits.

    There are several ways to access By The Bookie. Because of the Boss Fight component, there are two different Home Page banners with “Go Now” buttons.
    By The Bookie has also been added to the Travel Bar.

    You can also get there from the Brazil Job Page.

    The Job Page image will change as you progress through the 4 levels of mastery.
    Bronze Silver Gold Ruby

    There are a total of 9 jobs. The job names, requirements and payouts for each level are shown below.
    (click images to enlarge)
    BronzeSilver Gold Ruby
    The experience/energy ratios are are pretty good. The best one of 2.33 requires a consumable but the 7th job down offers 2.22. If you’re going to farm loot on the Bronze Level, it’s best to do this job as well because it has a ratio of 2.08.

    Job # %Mastery Bronze Silver Gold Ruby
    6 2.00 2.07 2.13 2.13
    5 1.50 1.56 1.60 1.60
    9 2.00 2.08 2.14 2.13
    7 1.89 1.97 2.02 2.02
    7 2.00 2.07 2.13 2.13
    9 2.18 2.26 2.33 2.33
    6 2.08 2.15 2.22 2.22
    4 1.94 2.00 2.07 2.07
    4 2.12 2.20 2.26 2.26
    *Requires 1 Odds in Favor per job

    **Requires 1,500 per job

    The consumable item needed for 3 jobs and the Boss fight is the Odds in Favor.

    You will need one Odds in Favor for each click in jobs numbers 5, 6 and 9.

    To figure out how many Odds in Favor will be needed to fully master the district, use the mastery percentage for the three jobs shown above, divide the number into 100, round up, multiply by 4 and add the totals together. Assuming you don't use any Chicago Crew Bonuses, 2x Mastery Boosts or ask your mafia for help, it will take 208 Odds in Favor.

    Job # Mastery Consumable/Level Total
    Grand Total
    If you run out of Odds in Favor, Zynga will let you know that you can buy them at the cost of 2 for 1 Reward Point. There are much cheaper ways to get them so click on the X.

    You can farm Odds in Favor by doing the 4th job, “Rough Up Silva So He Accepts Your Terms”. The job costs 81 energy on the Bronze Level and on Ruby. There are better ways to get these items but if you prefer to farm them, use a good strategy. Go here to review the best ways to farm and use consumable items.

    The drop rate of Odds in Favor is not 100%. I did 294 jobs using RepeatJob by Team Spockholm and got 146 of them. You can expect a drop rate close to 50%.

    The easiest and cheapest way to get Odds in Favor is to use the free gift system. They are available on the Free Gift Page.

    Use the link below to go directly to the send page.
    The Boss Fight component of this Secret District allows you to ask for Odd in Favor from your mafia. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Boss Fight. Click on the image of the Odds in Favor or the yellow Help Mark to get your request generated.

    You will see a display of all the Boss Fight Ammo and there is a “Ask” button below the Odds in Favor.

    If you take the easier route, just wait until you see an ASK over the image and click on it.

    Publish your request and wait for your mafia to send you these items.

    You can also use the Stream Scanner to help your mafia and also get Odds in Favor. Look for them under the “bossfightv2” tab.

    Two of the jobs (Job #2 and #3) require BRL$1,500 Brazil per click. If you don’t have all the equipment items, you will end up needing much more to cover those costs. Remember you can sell items that aren’t required for jobs in By The Bookie at a rate of 50% of what you originally paid.

    There are 4 loot items that randomly drop from all jobs in the district. The stats are far from impressive and Zynga is crazy for trying to sell them for 35 reward points. This continues to be an example of how they take advantage of players who may not know better.

    The tracker on top of the job page keeps a tally and offers bonus skill points when you get 10, 25 and 50 loot items. It's important to get these to maximize on the rewards of the district as you also get a skill point for mastering each job. If you fully master By The Bookie and get the bonus points, you will gain 51 skill points for your efforts.

    When farming these items, it's best to stay on the Bronze Level and do the job “Find A Vantage Point To Watch The Final”. The job costs 117 energy on the Bronze Level and 702 on the Ruby Level.

    I did 500 jobs on each level and the results are below. You will spend 6 times the energy to get less than 2 times the items.

    Bronze Level

    58,500 Energy/22 Items

    2,659 Energy/Item

    Ruby Level

    351,000 Energy/32 Items

    10,968 Energy/Item

    Remember to make good use of your 2X Loot Boosts and Lockpick Bonus. If a 2X Loot Boost is used at the same time as your Lockpick Bonus is activated you will get 4 items. There will only be one green border but if you check your tracker you will have 4 additional items. You can request 5 2X Loot Boosts from your mafia every 30 minutes and collect 30 from the news feeds every 24 hours. The Lockpick bonus can be activated once every 8 hours and is good for 20 jobs.Along the way you will run into the most annoying things ever and they are called Bandits. Pop-ups ain’t got nothing on these guys!

    They basically mess with your job mojo and you have to combat them by adding a Crew Member to the newly added Sniper position. The players in your queue don’t count so you have to get new ones or join other crews. Thankfully Bandits only drop in the Secret District and you can run the Stream Scanner to accept Crew requests from your mafia. The Bandits will also mess with your job scripts.

    When you fully master each level, you get a mastery item called the Bookie. The stats start off as on the Bronze Level and improve to 84/192 for the Ruby Level.

    To sum everything above up, to include the Boss Fight, Kanu of the Mafia Wars Gods created the image below. Enlarge it for a better view or go here.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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