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    Mafia Wars: Family Progression: Estimates by Eike

    In the current implementation of the Family Progress Module, Zynga just gives us the percentages, but not the absolute numbers of experience we need to level.

    We worked hard to figure out the numbers behind the Family Progression Module. Now we have some more information, some are trusted, some estimated.
    The XP needed for the current level can be extracted from the game. We got it for level 1-4, since no family yet reached level 5.
    This is the XP for each of the tasks, of course each of them must be completed to get to the next level.

    Here is the chart for what we know for sure:

    Level XP needed total this level1 12500 (12500)
    2 37500 25000
    3 93750 56250
    4 218750 125000
    You can see that the XP needed for each level is 5 times higher every two levels. Taking this as given we can complete the table up to level 9 (that is how much you need to reach level 10):

    Level XP needed total this level
    1 12500 12500
    2 37500 25000
    3 93750 56250
    4 218750 125000
    5 500000 281250
    6 1125000 625000
    7 2531250 1406250
    8 5656250 3125000
    9 12687500 7031250
    (Red numbers are estimates)
    Now if we assume every of the 101 members does their 600 family xp per day (for each task!), it would take 116 days to go there. If you add the number days for each level, you will have this:

    Level XP needed total this level Min days1 12500 12500 0,2
    2 37500 25000 0,4
    3 93750 56250 0,8
    4 218750 125000 2,0
    5 500000 281250 4,6
    6 1125000 625000 10,3
    7 2531250 1406250 23,2
    8 5656250 3125000 51,5
    9 12687500 7031250 115,5

    Of course this is just estimated. Maybe I am wrong and I got the wrong formula, or maybe we get the chance to loot more XP through missions later. We'll see.
    To quote Pete from Team Spockholm, "We have a Spocklet for that".
    You will find the Spocklet here, it is experimental and will be improved later.

    Spockholm Mafia Tools
    I've made a small Spocklet for you to get the exact XP left to level in your Family Mission.

    Find it here:
    javascript:(function(){var a%3Ddocument.createElement("script");a.type%3D"text/javascript";a.src%3D"http://www.spocklet.com/bookmarklet/clanxp.js%3F"%2BMath.random();document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(a)})();


    What I definately consider unfair is the fact that the XP needed is regardless of family size. So a family with only 10 members would take 10x longer then a full family. My wish would be that this was somehow adjusted.

    Thanks for Simyo and Esailija for helping me figure that out.

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