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    Mafia Wars: Dead Or Alive Boost Mastery Event

    Dead Or Alive Boost Mastery Event was launched, pulled and relaunched. I can't say I'm sorry I missed it. Mike didn't seem to be having a good time with it. Find the Dead Or Alive Event on your Home Page.
    Everything is fine now except for the fact that we already have an event tied to gifting. There is only a day and a half left of Mafia Poker so it won't hurt to wait to start Dead Or Alive. There is enough time to do so. It's unfortunate that we can only accept 250 gifts per day but we need to collect many more just to play the game. In addition to this event and Mafia Poker, we have the Assassin's Academy, we need Special Parts and Exotic Animal Feed to craft from our New York Properties and we need Artillery Shells to upgrade our Family Property. Mystery Bags were also updated today and we need to collect those to work on the Disco Collection. Dragon Mystery Bags will also be released any day now.
    Dead Or Alive is the 15th Gifting Event and works just like all the others before it, find all the information you need by clicking the help mark on the Home Page banner.
    The chart below is a breakdown of the gifts (boosts) and loot rewards. We should be able to play the event 3 times but won't know for sure until the third gift unlocks in a little over 5 days.

    Gold Bar

    +130 Attack




    Train Robber

    107 53

    112 54

    117 56
    Wanted Poster

    +130 Defense



    54 111

    56 116

    58 121
    Sheriff Badge

    +150% chance of
    robbing your
    next property


    Corrupt Sheriff

    115 56

    120 58

    125 60
    Event Mastery Item

    Grand Prize

    77 176
    Total/Event 84
    The first gift is the Gold Bar. It is a boost that gives a bonus of +130 to your attack skills for one attack only. Each gift consists of 5 boosts.
    Find Gold Bars on the Free Gift Page and accept them in your ZMC.

    You will need to accept 4/8/16 Gold Bars to master the bronze, silver and gold levels.
    When you achieve the bronze level of mastery, you get a Train Robber that has stats of 107/53. The items stats will improve with silver and gold mastery. Unlike the Fortune Teller in Mafia Poker, you only end up with one item. The Train Robber is not available to add to your Family Properties.

    You can get 3 gifts per day via the news feeds. While doing jobs, fights and robs, the following popup will appear. Post it to your wall and your mafia can get a boost that will count towards mastery. It's not much but it will add up over the event and save you free gifts if you collect 3 each day.
    To conserve your free gifts, use the Stream Scanner by Team Spockholm to make finding these requests easy. Use the "freegifts" tab and click on the "Play Dead or Alive" links.
    One thing that is different about this boost mastery event is the boosts can be added to your wishlist.
    It's not as cool as it sounds because any Gold Bars that you get from the inventory gifting don't apply towards mastery. You will get the boosts but that's it.
    The next gift, Wanted Poster, will unlock in a little over 2 days from now.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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