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    MafiaWars: Death By Ice: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Many players enjoyed the Death By Ice Event. In the beginning, I saw so many comments eluding to the fact that people think Mafia Wars is fun again. Families have always been a big part of the Mafia Wars community but not all players have had the opportunity to be in one. The Family Module was designed so ALL players could join or create their own Family. The Death By Ice has given so many players the chance to experience some of the reason why players have joined Families in the past. The camaraderie and team work to achieve goals is what the event was supposed to be about. I created a Family and named it the Assassin-a-Nators. Our goal was to master the icing event. Obviously we weren't trying to rule the Family world or be taken seriously. With the tag {ASS}, how could we be? We had fun with the name and couldn't help but laugh at our Friend Request personal messages.
    Everything was going great, we mastered Death By Ice in about 4 hours.
    Then this happened.....
    Some Families decided that the event was now a joke because they weren't on the leaderboard. Nobody likes events that exclude players from participating. Zynga doesn't either and from day one encouraged players to join or create their own Family.
    All of a sudden the {ASS} Family became public enemy #1. A War Group and Spreadsheet was started and other Families started attacking us non-stop and making up stories about us. To be fair, I honestly think these people believed what they were saying to be true. How could anybody question that we were using "stealth scripts", had an army of mini accounts, started an organized mass reporting campaign on the Families who attacked us and had Zynga helping us? Haider a fellow blogger and {ASS} posted about some of this on the Mafia Wars Maniac Blog. He shows proof that screen shots were altered to fit the hate campaign against us. Some players decided to leave the {ASS} for various reasons and we held no grudges, being part of a hate/smear campaign is certainly not for everybody.
    We didn't let any of the negative get to us and kept on icing. When the ๏ям๏ѕ 歡樂ůn團 took the lead, nothing changed. The {ASS} Family was still the target and that was proof enough for me that all the hate was personal and had nothing to do with the leaderboard. Jealousy is a strong motivator and accusing the people who are kicking your ass of cheating often makes one feel better.
    The Mafia Wars Gods held the #4 position for quite a while with only 52 members. With two days left of the event, they decided to fill up and very quickly took the number two spot. It was funny to see members of the Families who were against The {ASS} Family join the Mafia Wars Gods Page to cheer them on. Their reason for the support was that the Mafia Wars Gods were an established Family and we had no right to create one just for the event. I don't think they realized that many of the {ASS} Family were Mafia Wars Gods themselves. The {ASS} Family stayed strong and we were still happy even though we dropped to the #3 spot.
    Here is the final view of the Leaderboard for the Death By Ice Event.
    The Top 10 Families received prizes and here is a list of who they are. The Top 3 Families got A Two-Headed Snake (Gold, Silver and Bronze) and the rest of the prizes were Skill Points ranging from 20 for First Place and 5 for tenth. Congratulations to all the winners. Find out more about Zynga's plans for future Family related events on the Official Mafia Wars Blog.

    1 ๏ям๏ѕ 歡樂ůn團 881,248
    2 Mafia Wars Gods 784,193
    3 Assassin-a-Nators 621,940
    4 Another Primate Entity 524,588
    5 Hungarian's Arrows 196,398
    6 Top Family 111,996
    7 Strength in Numbers 101,096
    8 Loot Collectors 98,409
    9 ●яο●╬●яσмάήĩά● 94,695
    10 Tactical Support Group 88,881

    If you were a member of one of these Families, you will get a popup alerting you of your prize the next time you play Mafia Wars.

    Thanks so much to the {ASS} Family for helping me learn what being in a Family is all about. Many have told me but until you experience it first hand, it doesn't make a lot of sense. We have decided to stay together as this event turned us into a real Family.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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