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    Mafia Wars: Welding Torch Limits & Property Part Request Strategy

    Zynga has thrown us a bone and added the Welding Torch to the Free Gift Page. This will make upgrading our Assassin's Academy to Level 15 much easier and change the strategy to get there. For details on upgrading your property. For the basics on how Any Part and Individual Part requests work.
    The big questions was were how many Welding Torches can we accept per day and will there be carry over to the next level. To find out the answer, I went to an account that was at level 0 and had not started the upgrade process.
    I used the Gift Blaster and waited until I had 250 Welding Torches in the ZMC.
    I proceeded to accept them until I hit my daily gift limit of 250. I had accepted 20 Artillery Shells earlier in the day so I was able to accept 230 Welding Torches.

    When I went to my Assassin's Academy Upgrade Page, I got the answer to both questions. There is no limit on how many Welding Torches we can accept in a day and they are carried over to the next level and can used for the next upgrade. I only needed 1 part to get to Level 1 but 229 Welding Torches can be applied to the next 14 levels.
    This is an awesome update from Zynga and it changes the strategy of how we should request upgrade parts. You can make a Any Part request once every 8 hours. You will get 6 parts for every request you make. The parts are filled from left to right so it's important that you have all the Welding Torches you need to get to the next level before making the request. You want these parts to go into the Galvanized Steel pool and not be wasted in the Welding Torch pool. If you open multiple windows you can make more than Any Part request at a time. This will probably be fixed as it's been posted and utilized in a few exploiting type scripts. For now it still works.

    Once your Any Part fills up, it's time to make an Individual Part request. The request should be reserved for the Reciprocating Saw and the request should be made after you get all the Galvanized Steel from your Any Part request. There are no limits on the Individual Part requests and the post is good until you make the next one. You will stop getting parts once you fill up for the next upgrade but as soon as you upgrade the request becomes active again. Making a link from your request and reposting it to your wall will get it back in the news feeds.

    If you use the order described above, you should have no problems upgrading your Assassin's Academy to Level 15 in the 14 days allotted. Once you get to the higher levels, you might want to change the order and ask for Galvanized Steel for your Individual Part Request because you will need more of them and the requests don't have limits. If you do this, it's important that your fill up before making an Any Part request so the items go to the Reciprocating Saw pool. There are 14 days so on some occasions you may want to request Galvanized Steel and use the Any Part request before it's full.
    Don't forget to share your Level Ups and scan for these requests. You can get an additional 4 parts per day. The game will say "You have already collected 3 parts today" when you hit the cap but you are able to get 4 parts from these news feed posts. It's been like this since the beginning and they should have updated this message by now.

    You should scan and accept these parts only when you have vacancies for the middle part. They fill from left to right like the Any Part requests. Use the Stream Scanner to make it easy.
    You need a total of parts to upgrade to Level 15. Many thanks to Frida, Carlos, Robert, Fione, Brad and Richard for helping to verify these numbers.

    Level Welding Torch
    Galvanized Steel
    Reciprocating Saw
    1 1 1 1
    2 1 2 1
    3 2 3 2
    4 3 4 3
    5 4 6 4
    6 5 8 5
    7 10 11 10
    8 12 17 12
    9 14 25 14
    10 16 35 16
    11 20 43 20
    12 24 51 24
    13 28 59 28
    14 32 67 32
    15 32 75 32
    Total 208 407 208

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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