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    Mafia Wars: Assassins Academy - Complete Property Guide

    The Assassin Academy is now available. The bad news is there are 15 levels, the good news is for now the loot is more useful. If you follow this blog, you already knew this was coming. Server images were discovered in December and the loot items were added to the inventory 4 days ago.
    The Assassin's Academy is where the Raven has been hiding out. It's nice to know where he's been hiding but unfortunate that you still won't be able to make progress on your Requiescat in Pace Decimus achievement. Zynga seriously needs to remove this achievement if they have no plans of bringing back The Assassin Boss Fight feature.
    This property works like all the others with one exception. You start with a platform and beg your way to the next level. We will have 14 days to get to Level 15. We can now get the first upgrade part, the Welding Torch, through the free gift system.

    The building parts that we have to beg for are the Welding Torch, Galvanized Steel and Reciprocating Saws.
    The following chart outlines how many parts you will need for each level. I will update this as I progress or players post the information. Numbers in red are predictions. For details on the best strategy to use when requesting property parts. There is a change in that the Welding Torch is available as a free gift so the strategy will shift a little and be easier.

    Level Welding Torch
    Galvanized Steel
    Reciprocating Saw
    1 1 1 1
    2 1 2 1
    3 2 3 2
    4 3 4 3
    5 4 6 4
    6 5 8 5
    7 10 11 10
    8 12 17 12
    9 14 25 14
    10 16 35 16
    11 20 43 20
    12 24 51 24
    13 28 59 28
    14 32 67 32
    15 36 75 36
    Total 208 407 208
    The good news is that Welding Torches are available through the free gift system. Use the link below to get to the send page.

    The Gift Blaster is also auto-updates so you can start using it now.

    There is carry over. I'm not sure if there is a limit of how many we can accept per day and will update once I learn that information. You can see below I accepted 5 gifts and only needed 3 to upgrade. After the upgrade the two extra Welding Torches carried over and applied to the next level.

    As you make your ways through the levels, the loot items you can craft unlock. With more levels comes more loot. There are 4 individual loot items with various levels. The special abilities are +3 stamina for the Death From Air, +4 attack for the Corner Shot and +5 energy for the Assassin. Of interest is the Assassin has 5 levels of mastery and the Emerald Level Assassin has stats of 82/119. This is awesome for now but that score will become obsolete. Fighters would rather craft items that add to attack/defense/stamina so some may not like the +5 energy. Thank goodness for Skill Point Reallocation.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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