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    Game Review: Injustice - Gods Among Us

    Fighting game from the creators of Mortal Kombat with nothing to confuse. Even if the new game is not brutal murders and bloody finishing moves, and instead of the harsh ninja on the screen - a couple dozen superheroes in funny costumes. How to take a new job NetherRealm Studios, will prompt our review.

    The cult series about a deadly battle in his time bent for two reasons: too fancy story was falling apart under its own weight, and with each new release of the game turned out to be more and more monotonous. Or rather, not even the games themselves, namely, the characters - in MK was conditional dozen dissimilar fighters, all others - clones of each other (this is especially felt in Armageddon). A successful restart of 2011 got rid of the first problem and the second is only partly decided - for example, DLC-newbies too obviously borrowed from the ability of some of the warriors of the original composition.

    Genre Fighting
    Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
    Developer NetherRealm Studios
    Released April 19, 2013
    Age qualification 17 years
    Platforms PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U
    Official website

    Two years ago, a logical question, how do NetherRealm Studios gets out with a sequel. The decision to take up fighting about the characters of DC Comics can be called tactically correct - you can restrict ourselves to the revised styling previous game and make a couple of changes to the combat system. Injustice: Gods Among Us will abuse for some secondary, but the criticism in any case would be relatively low-key (which, in fact, is happening now in the press).

    Familiar movements

    So yes - if brief, Injustice is really very similar to Mortal Kombat. About as much as any, and Soul Calibur V is similar to Soul Calibur IV.Familiar 2D-gameplay, similar management features and manner of movement of the characters, even the special moves - and they do the usual combinations. It provides a relatively low threshold of entering the game (unless of course you are familiar with MK) and the rapid adoption of the new rules.

    However, some important changes are still present. Three face buttons (on the controller PlayStation - X", "square" and "triangle") are responsible for the attacks - a strong, medium and weak, in all its execution speed. The fourth button for a few seconds activates a special mode of each of the characters, one gets the bonus damage, the other - additional protection, the third - change weapon. A "combo breyker" changed the mini-game with stakes, the winner of which restores some of the scale of health.

    Bundles strikes have become a little shorter and simpler, but this is offset by a more interesting list of special methods of the heroes - remote and magical attacks more and they are admittedly much more diverse than in the MK. Finally, completely disappeared rounds, and the entire fight to the bitter end passes without interruption.

    In this, perhaps, and you can stay in - all a few innovations in either case, a certain feeling of fighting game does not give, and seasoned MK fans can safely include the average or even advanced mode, and immediately start checking the strength of the local balance. Despite the obvious self-copying, NetherRealm has created a deep enough game where there is wide scope for the study and development of different aspects. It is difficult to talk about, say, the prospects of cyber Injustice, but the game is still in some sense produces an even better experience than at the time Mortal Kombat, - there is clearly irregular fighters and obviously unfair opportunities.

    Someone's comics

    Criticize or even evaluate any subject - not the most gratifying job. There should probably consider some cultural context associated with a particular audience. We are confident that most of our readers (and the author of this article) is not too familiar with the mythology of comics DC. Well, in the best case - at the level of the recent Hollywood movie about the Dark Knight, Green Lantern, or some Superman. Who is Shazam? What is the relationship between the ancient Greek god Ares and Wonder Woman? Who are usually hunts Defstrouk? ..

    A scene mode does not even try to put into the swing of things, immediately throwing in the thick of things. Joker tricked forcing Superman to kill his pregnant mistress, and at the same time and blow up the city of Metropolis. Kryptonian goes mad and kills the Joker, and then declared himself dictator of the world, subjecting the government. The rest of the superheroes have to swear allegiance to the new tyrant.

    This hell happens - please! - In a parallel dimension where accidentally fall into a few characters from the (relatively) ours. The members of the Justice League are forced to deal with the Evil Superman; twins are fighting with each other, come into unexpected alliances (Harley Quinn on one side with Batman!), And on the streets of madness is going natural - Amazons fighting with huge clams, and a motley crowd of masked people in tights comrades confidently flies across the sky.

    Of course, watching all this clowning players who are not too interested in comic books, a few difficult. Although we can once again remember the previous Mortal Kombat, where the screen is done in general a similar pattern - except that the characters and plot twists and turns, "Mortal Kombat" for many of our fellow citizens (especially growing up in the 90's) which is dearer and dearer to his heart. In general, we are taking a simple idea - the universe Injustice is designed for a specific audience, the rest is, for obvious reasons, missing a whole layer of jokes, references and other pleasant things. How much do they lose? Good question.

    The very same scene mode is built on the exact same formula as in the previous game - fighting diluted long staged scenes, all of which again looks like a kind of feature-length cartoon. Although he is now much shorter - for passing on to the finals take about three hours, all the more that this time will cost entirely without bosses.
    The last part, about which I would like to mention in the context of the scenario campaign - graphics. During the battles themselves with visuals everything is fine, but the commercials suddenly look much worse and easier in terms of detail. Strange, usually it happens the other way around - and then feeling as if you look cinematics for PS Vita.

    Stylistic update

    With the accompanying game modes is clear. Multiplayer little different from what thereof in MK - the same rank matches, rooms and optional random selection of enemies. Although there is a clear advantage - everything works without glitches and normal ping. A test tower replaced the STAR Labs - a set of 240 mini-games on the rating, which requires the user to perform combos and special moves slozhnosochinennye other intricate tricks. Motivation is very simple - to collect as many stars.

    Injustice: Gods Among Us - a good fighting game, which in any case will appeal to all small (in our country, of course) to fans of comics DC, as well as those who are not yet sick of Mortal Kombat. Quite an interesting combat system, a lot of specific humor, questionable graphics, clever online and ambiguous scene mode - decide for themselves whether or not to run the game in the store right now. Maybe it makes sense to wait for the mandatory price reduction that will happen in a couple of months.

    Well, what do NetherRealm Stuidos further - the question is still open. Obviously, that will be the next Mortal Kombat. And then the developers in any case will have to show something radically new and different charges in the copy and marking time will be well-founded.


    • Good and Relatively balanced combat system;
    • Hassle-Free multiplayer;
    • Nice and Clean fighting game for fun.


    • Style looks a bit like comic book lovers;
    • Weak schedule in the story rolls;
    • Not many fundamental differences from Mortal Kombat.

    Graphics Normal picture with Unreal Engine 3.0 in the game ... and a shame to the rollers. What happened? The last time everything was fine. 7
    Sound Pretty good, though not brilliant sound system characters. But the music is not very memorable. However, to find fault with something concrete is unlikely to succeed - work quality. 8
    Single player Three to four hours of the campaign story, the events that can enter into a stupor of people with uncomplicated comic consciousness.However, better steel himself and learn - not as bad as it seems inexperienced player. 8
    Multiplayer Simple and finally a functioning formula - what more do you want? 9
    General impression This is not a nostalgic revelation, which fell into our hands two years ago. But it is still a very decent fighting game, which is interesting and play by yourself or with friends at a party. 8

    Credits: 3DNews.RU
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