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    Mafia Wars: Get More Achievements / Trick for Giftable Achievements

    On July 14th Zynga made all loot items in our inventory with stats 65 and below giftable. This made it possible to help your mafia members earn 3 achievements through gifting. The first is the Warlord 1achievement as all 16 items are now giftable. I gifted them to my energy account which didn't have the achievement.

    After the gifting was complete, the achievement was earned.
    If you didn't get a chance to do the Zynga Poker Cross Game Promotions, you can still earn the Ace Up The Sleeve and the Pocket Rockets achievements by receiving the loot items as gifts. To get them, put the Ace In The Sleeve and the Set of Pocket Rockets on your wishlist and ask one of your mafia members to send them to you. If they are collectors, make sure you return them.

    These achievements can be found in the Classic Achievements Section. If you haven't yet received them, they will not show up shadowed and will only appear once you get them.


    The Ace In The Sleeve was available through Operations (when they were called Missions) so there should be plenty to go around. You could also get the Ace Up The Sleeve achievement if you got the Ace In The Sleeve reward from your Operation.
    If you started playing after Cuba ans Moscow shut down or didn't bother to get all of the achievements, you can still get a few of them. The My Little Friend achievement by gifting one M16A1 to one of your mafia members. If you don't have one, ask someone to send it to you and then return it to get your achievement
    If you don't have a M16A1, ask someone to send you one.
    Return it and you will get this Cuba achievement.
    The Moscow achievement, Back In The U.S.S.R. is still obtainable if you vault the Soviet Memorabilia collection.
    If you haven't got this achievement and don't own all the items, ask your mafia to help you. Once you get all 7 items as gifts, vault them and you will get the achievement.

    You can also earn the Uncles Sam achievement if a mafia member sends 50 Federal Agents, That's Amore if you send a Diamond Ring to someone below Level 8 (use your Friend Ladder to find somebody) and the Synchronized Watches if someone gifts you a complete Crew Collection and then you vault it.

    Note that all achievements shown were verified and achieved today on a secondary account. The Poker Achievements were verified yesterday. Due to Zynga, the dates are not correct and appear one day into the future of when they were achieved.

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    Circuit advertisement Mafia Wars: Get More Achievements / Trick for Giftable Achievements
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