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    Mafia Wars: Family Property Health Regeneration

    We were told in the updated game instructions that "the health of your property regenerates over time" but were not given any variables.
    It wasn't hard for those with damaged properties to figure this out. Your Artillery Station will regenerate health at the rate of 1 point every 5 minutes. I had to join a mini family with a damaged property to capture the images below.
    Health: 1,096
    Timer: 0:01

    Health: 1,097
    Timer: 4:59
    One health point every five minutes doesn't seem like much but it can be used to strategically upgrade your property. In a 24 hour period of time, your Family Property will regenerate 288 points. When your family is waiting to gather up enough Artillery Shells to get to the next level it makes no difference where they are stored. Artillery Shells can not be stolen from the upgrade pool or your personal inventory. When you get to the higher levels, you will need to wait a few days so it makes no sense for anybody to waste shells repairing the property. Time can do this for you. In the example below, you could waste 52 shells repairing this property or you could wait 4 and a half hours (assuming you don't get attacked to cause further damage).
    Sure you may increase your attack bonus but in the big picture this small temporary gain in attack is not worth the sacrifice of delaying the larger bonuses that come with higher levels. When you get to the next level, your bonus for the previous level stays intact. Attacks to your property can only decrease the current 1,000 points to 25%. The lowest possible bonus a Level 10 Artillery Station can have is 9,250.

    1 500 1,000 1,000
    2 600 2,000 2,000
    3 700 3,000 3,000
    4 900 5,000 4,000
    5 1,200 7,000 5,000
    6 1,600 10,000 6,000
    7 2,000 13,000 7,000
    8 2,500 16,000 8,000
    9 3,000 20,000 9,000
    10 3,500 Fully Upgraded 10,000

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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