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    Mafia Wars: End Of Days Mission Complete Walk Through

    The End Of Days Mission is now available. There are a total of 14 days to finish and it looks like that won't be enough time. The more Zynga continues with their pursuit of getting players to spend money, the more people quit. Soon only those who buy Reward Points will be left. The name is quite appropriate for this Mission.

    Many are commenting on the name of this Mission and are wondering if this is a subliminal message from Zynga about the future of Mafia Wars. There has been a little growth but that was probably due to people busting out their energy account to get more votes for the New Year's Resolution Event. Honestly these metric aren't even close to being accurate and are inflated. It's said to see what Mafia Wars has become and the only one to blame is Zynga.

    Part 1
    Make 18 Items In The Speakeasy In Chicago: If your Speakeasy is fully upgraded, you can make 6 items every 18 hours. There isn't anything worth making so choose whichever items you like. If you aren't fully upgraded, the good news is once you upgrade a level, the timer resets to zero. To get upgrade parts from your mafia, go here and use the spockon.me links.
    Get 20 Crew Members In Chicago: The description of this task is confusing. They want you to send Mission Crew requests even though it says "Crew Members In Chicago". It's the same old drill as the "Get Support From Your Mafia Task". Click the "Ask Now" button to get to the Mission Crew Request Page.

    Or use the Gift Blaster to facilitate the process. You get credit each time your request is accepted or when you accept a request from a player who still has an active Mission Crew task.
    Fight 100 Times In Chicago: Win, lose or attacking iced players counts. This one should be easy. Power Attacks count as 5 fights but you will use 5 stamina per attack.
    The loot reward is 1 Phosphorescent Harness. I don't think this would be a good thing to wear in a fight, especially at night, it is a helpful item so I'll take it.

    Part 2
    In the Beginning
    Activate 12 Crew Members In Brazil: Simply add players from your Brazil Crew queue to the Crew Position slots. Once all of your spots fill up, you have to wait or use Reward Points. Zynga fixed it so you can't accept Crew Requests in your ZMC or join a crew from news feed requests to get credit.
    Rob 40 Time In Brazil: For a robbery to count, it must be successful. Use your Rob Squads to make this task easier and increase your chances to win.
    JOB: "Negotiate a Sit-Down with the Commando Do Candiru" 60 Times: Find this job in District 5 of Brazil. It costs 675 energy on the Ruby Level so you will end up spending 40,500 energy.

    The loot reward is 1 Grill. Again the reward will be useful to the majority of players.

    Part 3
    The Big Bang
    Clear 12 Robbing Boards: Go to the destination of your choice and clear 12 Robbing Boards. When given a choice, I always go to New York because it has the best experience/stamina ratio.
    Declare War 10 Times: There is a 8 hour timer between when you can declare each war (unless your family is on Level 10 of Family Progression). If you catch all of your timers as soon as they expire, this task will take a little over 3 days assuming you didn't need to wait for the first one.
    Loot 25 Beer Barrels From Job " Set Up a Rum Running Base of Operation: Find this job in District 5 of Chicago. The costs 972 energy and the drop rate is not 100%. Use the Lockpick bonus to help but plan on spending a lot of energy.

    The loot reward is 1 Snow Goggles. I really like how these rewards are useful for a change.

    Part 4

    Ask for 20 Construction Workers From Mafia: This task was auto-checked for me so I don't know if there will be an "Ask" button to generate a news feed post or if we are supposed to collect them from the ZMC.
    Construction Workers are currently on the Free Gift page so your guess is as good as mine.
    Build 4 Vehicles In The Chop Shop: There is an 18 hour wait between crafting vehicles so if you don't buy crafting timer speed ups the task will set you back 3 days assuming you have to wait for the first build.
    Ice 40 Opponents In New York: I'm sure everyone will be able to get 40 ices while waiting to build their vehicles.
    The loot reward is 1 Liquid Metal. It's a cool looking ride and has stats to go with it's coolness.

    Part 5

    Win 6 Wars: You can achieve this task by declaring 6 wars and winning or be the last person to attack on the winning side. Operation War Hunter by Team Spockholm will scan your feeds for active wars but finding an available Head Shot to attack can take some time.

    Job: "Dodge A Firebomb On Your Headquarters" 40 Times: I was very lucky and this task was auto-checked for me. Several people have asked me what the auto-check is and how do you get it. When a task has a green check on it as soon as it appears, it's know as an auto-check. The cause of the auto-check is unknown and there is nothing special you can do to get it. If you weren't as lucky as I was, go to District 6 in Chicago and start clicking. If you have ruby mastered this job, it will cost 1,130 energy per click. The auto-check saved me 45,200 energy and I couldn't be happier. I've already spent a ton of Reward Points to get to this point.

    Acquire 15 Animals: The "Go Now" button directs players to the City Store. I'm glad it doesn't go to the Marketplace because this causes confusion and we end up getting too many questions about it on the fan page. You can buy 15 animals or just wait for them to drop in jobs, fights and robs.

    The loot reward is 1 Turkey Buzzard. With stats like this, I'm not ready for the Mission to be over!

    Part 6

    Win 200 Fights In Brazil: Not much to say on this one. Fights in Brazil cost 5 stamina and you need to win 200 of them.

    Get Support From Your Mafia X15: Do exactly what you did in Part 1.

    Acquire 20 Henchmen: Go to any City Store that has Henchmen available and buy 20 of them. You can also acquire Henchmen from jobs, fights and robs.

    The loot reward is 1 Grill and 1 Liquid Metal.

    Part 7

    Activate 12 Crew Members In Chicago: The same rules that applied to this task in Part 2 apply here. You need to fill vacant slots in your Chicago Crew Bonus Positions. Tho only way to get past this task without waiting 8 hours is to use Reward Points as accepting requests from others no longer works.

    JOB: "Narrowly Survive An Assassination Attempt" 60 Times: I was lucky and received another auto-check. This job is located in District 6 of Chicago and costs 1,290 energy per click. I feel like I just got a Royal Flush because I would have had to spend 77,400 energy. I think this is a bit much and the casual or lower level players will have a hard time.
    Make 12 Items From Your Workshop: The Workshop in Brazil is just like the Speakeasy in Chicago only the items you can make are different pieces of crap. We only need to make 12 items for this task so the wait will be 18 hours from the time you make the first 6.
    The loot reward is 2 sets of Snow Googles. The word "Sets" implies that there will be more than one per set but this is Zynga and the reward is two loot items.

    Part 8
    With a Whimper
    Loot 40 Mediators From Job: "Catch A Saboteur": This task is insane if you ruby mastered this job. The job can be found in District 6 of Chicago. The energy cost is 1,080 per job and the drop rate of Mediators is not 100%. It's closer to 50%. You can use your Lockpick Bonus to help but it's going to cost you a lot of energy. If you buy energy refills, you may be better off buying the task or just giving up.
    Ask For 30 Satchel Charges From Your Mafia: This task was auto-checked for me but you will probably find a "Ask" button on the Mission Page. I wish the task above had been auto-checked instead.
    Rob 30 Docks: Docks Properties are found on the Chicago Robbing Board or you can go to a players profile page and do targeted robbing. Each Dock costs 20 stamina to rob. The robbery must be a success or it won't count.
    The loot rewards are one Phosphorescent Harness and one Turkey Buzzard. I'm too irritated by the ridiculousness of the first task to even be happy about this.

    Part 9
    Loot 30 Wintermutes From Fights: The "Go Now" button will direct you to New York but you might as well do this task in Brazil. You need to fight in Brazil for the third task so you can kill two birds with one stone. When this task is active, Wintermutes drop at a very good rate.
    Build 8 Weapons In The Weapons Depot: Because of the high energy requirements for previous tasks, many will be lucky to make it to this part with time to spare. Crafting 8 weapons in the Weapons Depot will take a minimum of 144 Hours which will suck up 6 days of this Mission. Zynga is getting greedier everyday. They might as well admit that these Missions are pay to play.

    Win 300 Fights In Brazil: If you looted your Wintermutes in Brazil, this task will be close to being complete. You have to win the fights and each one will cost 5 stamina.
    When you complete all tasks in this part of the Mission you will get the Grand Prize item, the Slasher. I don't like how Zynga turned this into an Extreme Mission with a timer and not many will make it. The more things players can't complete, the more likely they are to quit. If we don't see change in the game soon, I worry that Mafia Wars won't be here next year. All those "rumors" that Zynga denied may actually come true. The name of this Mission is ever so fitting.
    If you have time to spare, there is a Bonus Mission. Unlike the Bonus Mission for the Dearly Departed Mission, this one grants you a second Grand Prize Item.

    Part 10: Bonus Mission
    Post Script
    Clear 15 Robbing Boards: This is probably the easiest task of the bunch (excluding my auto-checked tasks). I don't know where Zynga comes off thinking anybody will pay 450 Reward Points to buy it off. All I could do when I saw this was laugh. I would hate to be the guy who clicks on this one by mistake. Seriously?!
    Collect From Your Headquarters 6 Times: There are 8 hours between collections from the Headquarters in Brazil. Depending on how much time is left when you get here, you might not be able to finish. You will have to wait about a day and a half if you catch all of your timers right when they expire.
    Ice 100 Opponents In New York: This one is self explanatory and those who contribute to Family Progression everyday will have no trouble.
    When it's all said and done, you will get another Slasher. I guess two are better than one but this entire Mission was way too much work. I wouldn't blame anyone for giving up once the tasks get out of control. I didn't appreciate the fact that I had to spend so many Reward Points to create this post. If this is how they are going to continue with these Missions, I may stop doing and outlining them. I'm going to wait the property collection task out for this one. It says on the banner there is only one Bonus Mission and I'm satisfied that the tasks of the entire Mission have been explained.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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