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    Mafia Wars: Check Your Votes by Team Spockholm

    The New Year's Resolution Event comes with a twist and the community gets to decide which three loot items will receive upgraded stats. The results are determined by how many votes each item gets.
    If the community comes together and chooses the same item then we will all end up with more Henchman in our inventory with stats of 122/122. If we leave it to chance and select different items we will be stuck with items that have stats of 102/102. One of the new fight loot items has an attack score of 103 and the New Year's Resolution items that have stats of 102 won't help the many players who are maxed out on Traceurs.
    Many players have asked me to make a post and select the item that we should all vote for. The obvious choice is Ms. PAC Party because Jana Gucci is a well known and liked player in the Mafia Wars community.
    Unfortunately, the Shadow King is in the first position. There are tens of thousands of players out there who aren't active in the community and have no clue about anything other than what is in game. These players will naturally gravitate to the Shadow King because he is first. Zynga should rotate the positions so all the loot items have a fair chance. If we were strategic, we would all promote the Shadow King but most would like to see Jana win first place. If Jana wins this will also send a message to Zynga that the community is a very integral part of the game. The community is who keeps Mafia Wars alive.
    Many post current updates on the voting results. In typical Zynga fashion, they fail to show us a loot leaderboard. We only know how many votes there are for an item if we vote for it.
    Team Spockholm came to the rescue and create a script that will tell us how many votes each item has in current time. The script will be named and posted by Team Spockholm in the near future. I will update this post when that happens. The script is run on the Voting Page.
    When activated, you will get a list of how many votes each item has. I ran this right before I voted for Jana in the image above. You can see by the results it's very accurate. It's only off by 3 votes because 3 people voted in the time between.
    It's important to spread the word and let people know they should vote for Ms. PAC Party. The more players who vote the same, the more loot with great stats we will see in our inventory.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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