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    Mafia Wars: New Years Resolution Event Complete Walkthrough

    After a two hour delay the New Year's Resolutions Event is here. The is a New Year's Resolution Home Page Module.
    You can track the event via the Missions Bar by clicking on the party grenade icon.

    To get started, click on the "See Resolutions" button. At first it looks confusing but surprisingly it's not very complicated and should be fun.
    The in game directions are straight forward and actually make sense. There are 10 New Year's Resolutions which are a lot like Mission tasks. You will get 1 vote for each Resolution that you complete plus an extra vote if you complete them all. You will also get one free vote per 24 hours but it must be used within that time frame. The item you vote for will be added to your inventory with stats of 102/102. The top 3 items according to the vote will get a stats increase when the event is over.
    The 10 New Year's Resolutions are shown below. Some of these will take some time and players who don't have a lot of stamina will be challenged.
    Once you complete a Resolution, a check mark will appear and you will get 1 vote.

    Click on the "Vote For Events" tab when you are ready to start voting.
    You will get a choice of 6 party themed loot items that we have seen during the past year. The best strategy would be to put all your votes into the items you think are going to win. The collectors in us all will probably use 6 votes to get one of each item and then put the remaining votes into the top items.
    I used my free vote for the day and the one I earned for completing a Resolution on Jana and Nate. Jana has (at the time the screen shot was taken) 6,416 votes and Nate has 1,926.

    Both items that I voted for are now in my inventory and have stats of 102/102.
    The vote results will factor into the final stats of the items you choose. The item coming in first place will have a stat upgrade from 102/102 to 122/122. You will benefit if you own the top 3 items. You can only see how items are doing when you vote for them. Based on the early results from above, it's safe to say that Ms. PAC Party will probably do better than Party Nate so you want to have more Ms. PAC Parties in your inventory.
    If you don't want to complete a task to earn a vote, you can buy extra votes for 20 Reward Points each or 3 votes for 50 Reward Points.
    The 10 New Year's Resolutions are going to be challenging for many players. A lot of players won't be able to finish these tasks in 6 days. Here is a brief overview of each one.

    Win 2,500 Fights In Chicago: If you have a 100% win rate this is going to cost you 12,500 stamina
    Ice 200 Opponents In Brazil: You will also need to drop some stamina to complete this task. At least you will get credit for the Ice Season Event and Family Progression.
    Rob 500 Properties In Italy: Most players don't rob because they are trying to get their ices. 500 robs seems a bit excessive. You need to have successful robberies in order for them to count and will need to clear a minimum of 55 Robbing Boards.
    Clear 100 Robbing Boards In Chicago: After all the stamina used to complete the three tasks above, this doesn't sound so bad. When you factor in the crappy experience/stamina ratio in Chicago it's not so hot. If you have Rob Squads, now is the time to use them. There is a bug and you will find you are getting credit for cleared Robbing Boards if you robbed in Italy for the task above.
    Upgrade School of Choice 2 Times: The School of Choice was released at the same time as this event so getting to Level 2 should be easy for all players. To learn more about this property, go here.
    Craft from School of Choice 6 Times: There is a 18 hour timer between crafts in the School of Choice. This is a new property so we will end up wasting crafting opportunities from fully upgraded properties. If you don't miss any timers, this task alone will take 4 and a half days.
    Do 500 Jobs In Chicago: The energy players will have no problems with this task. The rest of us will need to spend a lot of energy to get it done. If you are replaying the City of Traverse, the jobs will count towards this task.
    If you have mastered all the Districts in Chicago, the cheapest energy job is the first on in District 1. It will cost a total of 54,000 energy but the job has a very poor experience/energy ratio of 1.07.
    The job with the best ratio in Chicago is the second one in District 2. The ratio is 2.14 but you will have to spend 162,000 energy to complete the task.
    Win 5 Wars: With all the waiting required for crafting, winning 5 wars won't take long. You can declare a war every 8 hours so this task should take about 2 days.
    Get Support from 200 Mafia Members: This sounds scary but the good news is most of the players sending you requests will have this task active. You will get credit for accepting Mission Crew Requests in your ZMC. If you don't have another active Mission Crew task from a Mission then you won't be able to use the Gift Blaster at this time. I'm sure Team Spockholm will make an update soon.
    If accepting requests from your ZMC doesn't get the job done, you can click the "Ask" button to request support. You will be directed to the Mission Crew Request Page. The more requests you send out the faster this task will be complete.
    Ask for 100 Mission Crews from Your Mafia: This task is much easier than I thought it would be. I figured we would have to manage the Brazil and Chicago Crew queues but that's not the case.
    Click the "Ask" button to generate a news feed request. There is no cap on this request and it doesn't matter if your queue is at full capacity. You will get credit from every who clicks on your request.
    From one post, 89 players clicked on my request. I don't know if there is a timer or not but if you want your request to go back into the news feeds, just copy the link (the blue letters) and paste it to a status update.
    If and when you complete all 10 Resolutions, you will get an extra vote and a large experience bonus (experience bonuses are based off of level so yours may not be as large). Leonard Wong finished them all and got the following popup. The event will reset and you can earn more votes. Regardless of where you are in the leveling process the experience bonus will cause you to level up as it's 110% of the experience you need to get to the next level. If you do finish the tasks, make sure you used up all your energy and stamina or you will lose it.
    According to the timer and the ad that was released yesterday we will have until 11pm on January 4th to complete the event. Because the release of this event was delayed by two hours, they should extent the time that it ends.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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